Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Background almost finished

So in my last blog post you guys saw the ultra sketchy photoshop piece which I used as a reference layer in flash to work on this. I have spent a lot of time on tiny little details. I hope the professor likes this.

Friday, June 25, 2010

First week of Summer Quarter

I have wanted to write about a bunch of things over the last couple of days but I have not been very diligent about sparing some time for my blog. But after the last week of classes, I have found myself working on something so exciting that I cannot NOT share this with you.

One of my classes this quarter is Digicel 1 with John Webber. It is an introductory flash animation class. Our first assignment is to design a background. I was really excited to do this background that I imagined would be used in a story I have had in my mind for a really long time now. Won't reveal the plot yet, but it is a bathroom scene. My family would probably find this piece familiar because the inspiration was the bathroom in my house in my hometown, Akola.

So this is the quick photoshop thumbnail/rough sketch with the color scheme(s). I applied some effects to this to convey a sense of heat and disorientation.