Friday, February 29, 2008

Lost in Translation

I'm so close that I can touch it. But as soon as I start walking, I am SO FAR away! My vision, my world is like beyond the clouds...My Universe.
I'm not alone, There are others like me. I sleepwalk with my eyes wide open. I stumble more often than not.
However, I don't have no doubts I'm sure the Sun will rise again
And everyone will be swept away, such is the world of my Dreams.

I have a million wings to fly, and the whole blue sky to soar
And to move forward, I have MY world.

And that was my stupid interpretation of some of the lines from the song 'Mera Jahan' from Taare Zameen Par.

And I showed this to mickey, and he gave me a really interesting interpretation of the 'translation'. I wish I was recording all that he just said. Because even I can't summarize it. He did say that he felt I was trying to write a poem. The lines seemed like poetry to him, and he was pretty spot on about that.

Please leave a comment and tell me how you would interpret the lines I wrote.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some drawings that didn't make it

WoW! So my blog has silently crossed 300 posts and I've achieved my triple century. And I didn't want the blog to start getting stagnant now. I figured I had enough time to make a new blog post so here goes!

These are some of the drawings that didn't make it to my portfolio. I was recommended against using them.

gesture drawing photo1 by ~yashrg on deviantART

many of you might think this should never have been a candidate for the portfolio, but it was actually a semi finalist. It got kicked out in the second last round of picking drawings for the portfolio. And I had gotten it photographed before then. So I can post it here.

Grizzly Bear again by ~yashrg on deviantART

Goat by ~yashrg on deviantART

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sheridan Portfolio Submission

Portfolio submission finally done! I'm so relieved! I feel like blogging the whole incident. I was pretty zoned out in the beginning, because I was still sleepy, but then Oliver just comes up to me and he's really hyper because he's high on energy drinks. "HEY! Where are the Instructor guys?" And it was only 8:15 or something back then, so they were in the classroom talking/discussing. I pointed him to it, and he walks, really fast, like roadrunner, to the door, and looks in, then comes back out and says "This one girl saw me and pointed (doing action). I was like, UH, OK!" And just does the roadrunner walk again. It was SO HILARIOUS! That thing woke me up good. Even after a couple seconds, I was still thinking about it and going, "what just happened?"
Mickey was with me there. He was with me throughout the night. He helped me put together my portfolio. He said He'd wake me up in the morning, make sure I didn't sleep through the portfolio submission. But I had set alarms and so I actually woke up before him. I didn't even have anything to eat, I have this thing on my tongue since the last couple of days that just burns whenever it touches any other surface. So I just had a glass of water, and we walked to the college at around 7:50 am. This was the earliest I've been outside in a LONG LONG TIME. Anyways, it was beautiful to see the morning sun. The sun close to and during spring and summer is really beautiful. Anyways, because I was talking with Mik, time really flew by. We weren't the first ones there, but the number of people quickly grew after we arrived.
As they started collecting the photos, we went to the back of the queue. I saw Ben after a really long time.

We didn't talk for long, because I noticed Alex Zimmer. It was really exciting to see him after such a long time. Because in my head, there had always been a curiosity whether I had gotten better than him. And as he showed his portfolio to us, I realized that my portfolio does show more clearly the skills that the portfolio review people are looking for. And I was feeling a little more confident. I think I need to thank alex for this. LOL. He had put in a LOT of personal pieces. He thinks, the portfolio requirement sheet says minimum 5 personal pieces. I doubt that. Also, He put in the giant foot drawing we did in life drawing class in second semester art fundamentals. I remember Brenda had specifically told us the animation portfolio review guys don't like this drawing. So I want to wish him good luck because he'll need it.

When I got to the desk to hand in my portfolio, Harsh said he couldn't find my name. I thought he was kidding. But in a few seconds, I realized that he was actually searching for my name on the list and was unable to find it. I panicked! This could not be happening! I tried staying cool by laughing it off... yeah, like Boman Irani in munnabhai mbbs. ;) Eventually, he found my name, but he said that I hadn't registered. OMG! this would mean that I could even come back tomorrow and drop off my portfolio! But I didn't want to take a chance with that and I just wanted it to get over with. So I handed it in. My  portfolio number was 333. Well, someone had to get three threes, but I was really excited that it was me. I talked to lisa I think and she was telling me in china, 444 is considered an unlucky number, as it stands for death!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

oakville transit has the most ridiculous schedule

The day started out absolutely wrong! I totally forgot about the 19 bus that passes from oakmead at around 8 am when going to the Go station. As I was walking to the stop for number 13, I thought I was late and I decided to go to the college because I remember there is one bus that gets to the go station just in time for the 8:30 train to toronto.

But the schedule on display showed the schedule of bus 24, which is supposed to leave the sheridan stop at 8:35 and reach the go station at 8:50. That's ridiculous! Why would they schedule a bus to get there, after the connecting train-that most passengers take- has left? I hoped that it would come early and we'd make it there in time, but it didn't. I talked to the driver, and he told me its always been like this. That's when I realized the bus that I'd take was the number 20.

Well, my bad luck didn't stop there. As I put 50 cents in the fare collection thing, and started to look for my go train ticket, which I thought I had in my backpack, I had a flash. The backpack I took to the museum on tuesday, was my blue jansport. I had the go train ticket in that. Fuck! This meant I'd have to pay 2 more dollars for the bus, and buy a new ticket for today!

And as I am waiting at the go station for the 9:30 train, I wonder what else can go wrong...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Sheridan Animation portfolio

Ok, a quick quick update, before I get back to work. Oliver just drove me back to my place. I really appreciate that. I hate walking in the cold. I wish all the snow would just go away already! Spring break is not much fun without the 'spring.' hehe

I am really close to finishing my room drawings, I did a clean version of the view of the person, and showed it to oliver, and he pointed out a glitch with the laptop. I don't know how I didn't see it. I don't know what I'd do without him. I am done with my hand drawings and my expression sheet. I already have one action pose drawn out, and I am pretty confident about the other one too.

And I just realized, I hadn't mentioned this before, but I'm handing in my portfolio on monday, about 54 or so hours from now. wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

drawing animals from royal ontario museum

There's always something to write about when you're actually doing stuff. All I did on sunday was waste time and thus I didn't have anything to write about except "I feel like shit." That's gotta stop.

Today, after I got back from shopping, I was having second thoughts about going to the museum. I was thinking I could go to life drawing today and study for my mythology test (which is tomorrow!) if I don't waste so much time going all the way to toronto and back. As I was sitting in front of the computer listening to music, I saw Sujata was online.

I really wish I could post the chat here. It was really interesting. She had recently read my blog and asked how my back was doing.. I told her the truth about the recent realization I had.. Eventually I made up my mind about going and as we were saying bye, she says "you seemed weird today." Lol!

Now, I don't know what she was talking about, but I know exactly how weird it is to be writing notes to oneself on the sketchbook or drawings one's working on. Not talking about some funny comments/dialogue that relate to your drawing/illustration. I'm talking about stuff that you'd normally ask a third person or a remark someone else would make on your drawing. I say this is the result of extreme loneliness. Well, its not like I don't have ANYONE to talk to, and that's why, thankfully, I'm not writing "hey yash, how are you doing?" to myself and then responding to it. (Uh.. Do I have to?) laugh prompt- ha ha.

I really need someone who draws with me. (ok wait. I Have to say that I didn't need to put the ha ha. If you know me well enough, you'd know my sense of humor by now and know that I'm just joking. ;) ) I don't have someone who works on animation stuff with me. And me working in the pit 'around' or in front of someone isn't the same thing. There has to be an interaction, talking, etc. and I don't mean "bugger off, don't bother me!" kind. All mickey does when he comes over is sit in front of the computer and watch stuff, download stuff and eat stuff.

and yeah, I'm on my way to the museum. Will let you know how it went.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Kinkos bad. Digital camera good.

I told my dad that it would have been so much better if I had a digital camera to take pictures of my drawings... Because scanning these large format 18x24 drawings isn't easy. There aren't a lot of places that have the right kind of hardware for this task. And even when you find a place that has the equipment, it doesn't always work right. Then there's dealing with arrogant people and shelling out a bucketload of money. And I am about to tell you guys about my sad experience at Kinkos this morning. 

First, The place is in missisauga, a pretty long drive away from home. But it took me a good 2 hours to get there, because vironica had some other tasks on her to-do list. As we got there, I was in for a shock, because the prices were way, WAY higher than the 50 cents per sheet that people at the workshop had mentioned. Even then, I said, might as well do it since I came all the way. Thinking that the cost for color scanning would be even more, I just went for the black and white one. But before scanning could begin, I had to sign a waiver, saying that if anything happens to my drawings in the scanner, it's not their responsibility. I was REALLY scared for a moment there. But as they assured me that the likeliness of that happening was very low, I relaxed and signed the thing.

I proceeded to scan all the 'picked' drawings. I didn't do the other extra ones, because the total was already going to be around 50 dollars. at 5.99 for first one, and 1.99 for each one after that! But when I went to check all my scans, a lot of them were totally washed out. The brightness/exposure of the scanner was too much! Plus, they were being saved in pdf format instead of an image format like jpeg or tiff. On the plus side, the file size was considerably smaller. After going through all the 19 scans, I found only 9 of them to be usable. I figured I might as well scan some other drawings while I'm here. So I scanned some of the rejects... the ones that Gerard asked me to trash. And I actually trashed two of the life drawings right there because I saw that the leg in one was giant and the other one had some weird stuff going on with the hands. 

But this time, the scans didn't go through to their computer! WTF! I just wasted so much time feeding each document to the scanner while my heart was pounding against my ribs scared that the scanner will eat my drawings. I asked her to take a look at it and she said she will have to turn off the computer and turn it back on again. I waited for the whole process to complete on their ancient computer. And waited... and waited... and waited. Finally, she asked me to try one document and see if it was working. Hurray! The document showed up in their computer! So I rescanned the rejects, and as she transferred the last document into my usb key, I heaved a sigh of relief that its FINALLY DONE!

I didn't like it in there one bit! The girl who was helping me out wasn't really a people person. Even though she was trying to be nice, she wasn't trying hard enough. At one point, she said 'try to sketch harder next time.' And I just snickered pretending she was trying to be funny. She was so disrespectful! One of my scans showed the other side of the page which happened to be one of my warm up pages. And she says "that's one of those scribbly pages" WTF?!!! Then while I was paying, she asked to see my SPC card, and as I was trying to find it, she reached into my wallet and pulled out a card. I was so furious! I was gonna yell out, "Get outta my wallet you do that fugly bitch!" 

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I feel like shit!

I haven't drawn for more than 2 hours today. I talked to divya, mom, dad, sujata, basically wasted a lot of time all day, and now I'm really sleepy. I need a kick on my behind, and I need it now!.. LOL

I hope things change tomorrow. But as my favourite song says, 'tomorrow never comes until its too late'. Gonna go scan my drawings tomorrow! Definitely looking forward to that! 

this was just like a little twitter update. but not all the ppl i know use twitter, so I had to blog it.

Also been thinking about what mickey said last night... I feel/realize I need to apologize to him too.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thinking about the chat with sujata.

Yesterday, I showed some of my classmates my life drawings and the reaction I got was really encouraging. I've never got compliments on my life drawings.. I blame it on the kind of drawing we do in kerry kim's life drawing class. So evee, (who has been accepted into animation before, because she did animation fundies last year) was showing everyone else her portfolio, and her boyfriend started showing his portfolio next, so I was like, "ok, me next!" and I brought out my life drawings, and they flipped through them. I was expecting everyone to point out the flaws and tell me I should be doing something else, or something differently, but evee actually said she liked my gesture, and that I have a nice sense of movement.

Then ryan, who is one of the good students in his class, said he liked how my drawing is all structured and 3d. I really controlled myself there, but every time I think about it, I get a triumphant smile on my face. Ryan wants to get into illustration. even though I don't really know what they are looking for in a portfolio, I believe he should have no problem getting in. I LOVE his painting style. The brushstrokes that he makes give life to his paintings. There is a sense of movement in his painting. I've been trying to do the same thing in my paintings too, but couldn't.

I've been thinking about the chat I had with sujata. I shouldn't depend solely on others. Like ever since I was going to the workshop with oliver, I haven't made it to class in time. And today, I called him up to find out what time he's gonna pick me up, he says 12pm. That's REALLY LATE! So I decided to just go by my old method.

And sometimes, Mickey REALLY pisses me off! Sometimes its little things that I can deal with; Like tonight he was awake using my computer till pretty late. And his noise woke me up at around 2 or 3 am, and I couldn't go back to sleep so I had to tell him to turn off the light. Then he decides its time to sleep and leaves his loud external on. Well for some, this is not even a big deal but he drank my last bottle of crush which I was supposed to take to the workshop! That's what ticked me off! I just think he'd make an awful roommate.

Today when I got to the workshop, turns out we were having animation drawing first, not life drawing like I was hoping for. So all that was for nothing. I started to think I should have just waited for oliver. You see, its also about convenience.. So if oliver shows up, I'll ofcourse take the ride back home with him.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Some good news, and some back news.

My back can't take it anymore! I've been doing more drawing than I've ever done in my life! Every day, by the time I finish life drawing, I have this severe pain at the bottom of my neck and back. Its not really a muscle pain I think... it's the joints. (And now because I used the word joints, this page will be flooded with drug addicts and junkies soon as it starts to show up in google search results for 'buy cheap joints' or something..) So I've been taking Ibuprofen. Yeah, the same thing that is said in the beginning of the song 'Zinda Hoon Main'.
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I remember back when I was in akola, Tauji would always insist sleeping on the floor if he had back troubles. I kinda have had the same experience lately, as I have been sleeping on the floor too. I cuddle up inside a sleeping bag and its like going camping. LOL... joking. Its not NEARLY anything like going camping..But after the nights that I sleep on the floor, my back doesn't get that tired so easily. On the plus side, the room is cleaner because I vacuum the carpet more often. hehe.

I made bhindi again today, but not the kind I always made. I made what mom called 'pyaaz waali bhindi.' Its cut in flower shapped pieces and cooked with onions to give a different flavour. While I was cooking it, Jon came and asked, what is that? I said 'Okra' He said, "Isn't it like, stringy?" I said, Oh, I cut it differently this time. Its a different preparation. I was so stuffed after the dinner that I was getting really sleepy. I didn't even clean up.

As I was sleeping in my nice, cozy, warm bag, I woke up at around 4 in the morning. Damn!! I was feeling kinda thirsty; luckily, I had a jug of cold water in my room . I had some water and tried going back to sleep, but I couldn't. My body was totally weary, but my brain was not. My feet and back were still recovering and my eyes were burning! After waiting for a couple more minutes for the sandman to come my way, I got up, and got to work!

I worked on my second hand drawing and ended up with a pretty good one. The proportions of a couple fingers looked off but I fixed that. If more modifications need to be made, I will just trace over the drawing. Then I started to work on storyboard... And I just want to say, "Drawing storyboard 'large' SUCKS!" Its just not something I'm into. Another good news, my hand sculpture on DA got 6 faves in just one day! yippe!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

iphoto nuiances

I was not very sure how to start this blog entry So I'm just gonna link you guys to this post where I discussed the problem with leopard and jpegs managed with lightroom. Yesterday, I was so happy that I could finally use iphoto now, because in the 10.5.2 update of leopard, Apple finally fixed the aforementioned problem.

So I started to import all my photos into iphoto, but I had set the preferences to keep the files in their original location. This way, My internal hard drive will not be filled up with stuff, and I would get better speeds when doing other stuff while using iphoto. But just a few minutes ago, I noticed that the iphoto library in pictures folder was using up 362 MB! This was not acceptable, and I decided to go digging.

I opened the container, by right clicking on the library and selecting 'show package contents'. I sorted by file size, and in view options, checked 'calculate all sizes'. And I was pointed in the right direction. There's a folder called modified that is occupying 174 MB. It contains many random pictures from the albums. I say random because I haven't even touched a lot of the photos (In iPhoto that is). I wonder why its doing that. If someone has any idea, please let me know.

The next folder using up a lot of space is the data folder. I guess this is a necessary evil. It has all the pictures, in small thumbnail sizes. Maybe this is what facilitates the quick skimming in the events view. So I guess I will have to live with this folder occupying upwards of 110 mB.

I also saw the new version of aperture, and I have to say, with all the guided tours and video tutorials on the apple website, they sure do make their applications look cool. Its not that I want to stop using lightroom now, I just wish there were some of those great features in Lightroom. Like the incredible integration with the other leopard applications. So go check out Aperture 2 Guided tours.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Pet peves and sheridan lockdown

I finally ended up going shopping and I bought a whole lot of food! I am like an ant storing food for the winter. Only I, am storing food for the portfolio time. I don't want to have to go shopping in the coming weeks. While I was at the grocery store, I had decided I was going to make chole today! I bought all the ingredients that I didn't have, and I was pretty excited for it. I think this is the first time I've made chole all by myself.

At the Indian grocery store, the lady at the checkout asked me about the incident at sheridan today. I didn't have much to say, because all I knew was from many different sources, and I didn't know which one was 100 percent true. She asked me if he was a white guy... which I thought was kinda awful... racist. But I don't really care who it was. All I care is about finding out that they did all this for nothing. Even since I first heard they spotted someone with a gun, I had been thinking it must have been a paintball gun or a fake/toy gun. The email that I got from sheridan college president said, and I quote 'cameras recorded video of a person carrying an object that appeared sufficiently suspicious' It could even have been a tripod stand someone suggested. Blah!

Back home, jon was also cooking dinner for him and his GF. And it was a really nice and busy atmosphere. I kinda enjoyed it. Add to that the fact that vironica did a lot of the dishes... thank you vironica. I had gotten 6 bottles of crush, and jon asked me if he could have a GLASS of it. And I said, ok. But he drank one whole bottle. Plus, he was being very grumpy about me putting it in the fridge to cool. Yeah, with stephanie's bottle of water too! I realized there wasn't enough room in the fridge for all the juices and milk, and asked her to finish the bottle of water and/or throw it away. And jon said, "there's room in there!" I just said, "fine, you put it in there." But then stephanie started taking to him about it, and saying that its ok, but jon still insisted that the OLD OLD bottle of water be put back in the fridge. Wtf dude!

Thankfully, my chickpeas turned out pretty good and I had a nice meal. I put in all the ingredients and spices by my estimate. So I wouldn't be able to reproduce the exact same taste again. Regardless, I have enough for a couple more times... Maybe I'll take some to the workshop tomorrow. Yeah.. that'll be really sweet! Too bad oliver isn't going to be there. He's going to the ROM. What luck eh? Almost every time I make some food, and want to share it with him, things just don't work out. Atleast he's still giving me a ride to toronto.

Gotta head back to work now. Have a good one.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tired blog about this morning's dream

What a snowfall we had last night! It was the most snow I've seen fall, EVER! I had so much fun walking back in the snow... it was like I was in some Hollywood movie. Like 30 days of night or day after tomorrow.... Just that day after tomorrow is more than 10 times worse! Jon had shoveled the driveway, but by tomorrow, there was gonna be even more snow out there! I was really hoping for a snow day today, but it didn't happen.

My alarm constantly kept going off after short intervals from 8 am in the morning, but I was too sleepy. After I turned it off and went back to sleep, I had a dream. I dreamt that I was back in school, mount carmel, and this time, all the teachers were very nice. Two teachers in particular, Bedi teacher, and Chitra teacher, because I remember their incidents rather well. Bedi teacher wasn't being insulting and mean, instead, she was very polite. And treated kids as people rather than little insects. I think this dream was a result of me thinking, what if when the teachers asked us a question, the students yelled out, "what a stupid question! Sit DOWN!" or "Don't ask me stupid questions!" LOL. With Chitra teacher, she actually explained a problem to me personally, which is a big deal in a class of almost 60 kids. Then came the shocker, I thanked her, and was leaving the staff room, and I happened to do something goofy. She laughed and said, "oh Yash, I love you."

Another thing I wanted to talk about is my conversation with suraj... we were talking about school and he said that I wasn't bullied. You can say that I'm in denial, but I refused to admit that I was, and to that, I just moved on. Similarly, when arjun bhaiya would say 'your parents never spanked you, did they?' I would just make a smug face and say "no, they didn't." Maybe I liked making him feel I was better off than him because he would get yelled at and beaten a lot. But I still remember particular incidents very clearly. Like the time I wouldn't drink milk and we (mom dad and me) were up till way past 12 because they were gonna MAKE ME DRINK IT. haha.

Today was a surprisingly tiring day. I was only life drawing for one hour and my neck started hurting really bad. As I was leaving, the model asked me why I was going so soon... I said I'm really tired... She said "Its just one of those days. So I was just gonna go rub on some ointment, and take a nap. But as I was approaching the house, jon was out shoveling, and he yelled out to me saying that I must shovel the driveway. What the Fuck! I offered to help him yesterday, but he had already done most of it, so he said no. But today, I wasn't feeling up to the task of shoveling. I would have really loved it if I was left to my bed and bengay-the ointment. All the while i was out there, i was cursing that old lover of vironica's who was just standing there doing nothing. I was going, "I'm here to study, not shovel snow off of driveway for free!" I even need to go shopping but vironica's hardly ever home.

I still haven't heard from aparjita or vince. But I am getting done with my room drawing and part of my object drawing. Till next time, here's yash signing off for the day.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Perspective room drawing- help me!

(my question is in the last paragraph)
Yesterday, As I was going for life drawing, I got a little late. And the bookstore closed, right before I got there. So I asked oliver if he had extra newsprint that he could let me use. We walked to res and he gave me a pad. While I was there, I was reading jokes from reader's digest. I always loved those columns... laughter the best medicine, all in a day's work, Life's like that. I would laugh my ass off! They have the best jokes.

In life drawing, I saw a kid who was drawing exactly like I used to when I first started. I really thought I should tell him the first thing gerard told me not to do - 'stop drawing little heads'. When gesture drawing, the action as a whole is more important than drawing a circle or oval for a head. I have come a long way since last year, and I have proof of that. I realized a couple of days ago that I still have some pages from my first ever life drawing session. It was hilarious.

I left life drawing early because this model was really annoying. The one who keeps touching his penis again and again. heh.. Anyways, I went back to the pit and oliver was still hanging around. So I sat there with him, I was working on my hand drawing and he was working on a funny drawing with his squirrel character. The problem with me is that I spend as much time thinking what to do as I spend on doing that thing. Or let me rephrase that.. the amount of time i spend thinking about what to do is equal to the time it will take me to actually do that thing. I need to find a way to make decisions quick, and act on them.

I worked on my room drawing late at night, and I kinda ran into some 
problems. I made some diagrams explaining what my dilemma is. I'll also try to explain that verbally. In case someone can understand it and find a solution, please reply. The room I am trying to draw doesn't have 4 walls. it has 6. its a elongated hexagonal shape room. so the walls next to the one I am facing directly, won't confine to the one vanishing point but instead, have two
 different vanishing points... right? take a look

Monday, February 04, 2008

Why does itunes say the artist of Aadat in kalyug is Goher Mumtaz?

I was just sorting through my itunes library, adding album art to the tracks and stuff. And the top of the list was Aadat, the slow one, that starts with 'aa aaaa ..~long music~.. Juda ho ke bhi tu mujhme kahin baaki hai...' For better explanation, I'll just post itune store url for the song. Now I had put in the artist as Aatif, I am not even sure if his name starts with two A's or just one. (But most places its just one A.) He 'was' the lead singer of the band Jal before Goher Mumtaz, the composer, decided to kick him out. From what I can gather from this page, Atif and his brother were trying to make money out of the band, whereas Goher's intention was just to make good music. And they were 'interfering' a lot with the work the band was doing. 

Now that the back story is done, I would like to get back to my question. On Amazon AND itunes mp3 stores, if you see the listing of the album Kalyug, you will see the track: Aadat(Aatif) Artist: Goher Mumtaz. Which I think is WRONG! The artist is supposed to mean the band or singer who performed it. And since this one was not performed by the band Jal, but instead, Aatif himself, solo, Artist field should have his name. And Goher Mumtaz's name should be in Composer. Unless, I got the story wrong and Goher actually sung that version of the song. 

Friday, February 01, 2008

Warning: Some offensive content.

I've been to life drawing every day from monday to thursday. Sometimes I even went to the 7 o clock one after the 6 pm session ended. I don't remember what day it was, but Ron was our model, and there was a really interesting conversation going on, which I HAD to blog about. But since internet wasn't working, I couldn't. Today, internet is back on so here I go.

Ron was talking about how a degree in animation is meaningless. I think the conversation started on the topic of english requirement for the program... Anyways, he said, "a degree in animation is like a degree in giving blowjob(I hope he was talking about girls) People only care how well you do it, they don't wanna know if you have a certificate saying tht you can give a blowjob." Which I think is extremely hilarious. Aw COME ON stop scoffing at me for this one line! I already warned you in the title! Back to the topic, he said, "all this confusion was probably because animation was a relatively new field." upon hearing this, I went "huh?" I didn't expect someone here in canada, at sheridan college where they've been teaching animation for a couple decades to say its a 'new discipline'. But what he said next, made that point clear. "Illustration has been around for centuries. Even before people started writing books, there were illustrations to tell people stories or a message." He's right... look at the ancient Egyptian wall paintings... Someone else prompted, "Animation has only been around since 1920." And I decided I should tell this to my parents... they'll really get a kick out of this.

They would have wanted me to be a doctor or an engineer... Medicine has been practiced for ages. Long before people discovered moving images, and the need to entertain themselves watching cartoons, they needed to cure all the diseases that befall humanity. Engineering has developed ever since man stepped out of a cave. (that's my assumption!) Fine arts has been around for really long too. but not in the form of animation. Leonardo da Vinci's drawings, I think are fit to be called illustrations, maybe technical illustrations. But they were not moving images... I can't think right off the back of my head who created the first 'moving image' drawing. If anyone out there knows, or takes the time to find out, please let me know.

Now, I must sleep. All that snow shoveling has made me tired. And all the okra eating made me