Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thinking about the chat with sujata.

Yesterday, I showed some of my classmates my life drawings and the reaction I got was really encouraging. I've never got compliments on my life drawings.. I blame it on the kind of drawing we do in kerry kim's life drawing class. So evee, (who has been accepted into animation before, because she did animation fundies last year) was showing everyone else her portfolio, and her boyfriend started showing his portfolio next, so I was like, "ok, me next!" and I brought out my life drawings, and they flipped through them. I was expecting everyone to point out the flaws and tell me I should be doing something else, or something differently, but evee actually said she liked my gesture, and that I have a nice sense of movement.

Then ryan, who is one of the good students in his class, said he liked how my drawing is all structured and 3d. I really controlled myself there, but every time I think about it, I get a triumphant smile on my face. Ryan wants to get into illustration. even though I don't really know what they are looking for in a portfolio, I believe he should have no problem getting in. I LOVE his painting style. The brushstrokes that he makes give life to his paintings. There is a sense of movement in his painting. I've been trying to do the same thing in my paintings too, but couldn't.

I've been thinking about the chat I had with sujata. I shouldn't depend solely on others. Like ever since I was going to the workshop with oliver, I haven't made it to class in time. And today, I called him up to find out what time he's gonna pick me up, he says 12pm. That's REALLY LATE! So I decided to just go by my old method.

And sometimes, Mickey REALLY pisses me off! Sometimes its little things that I can deal with; Like tonight he was awake using my computer till pretty late. And his noise woke me up at around 2 or 3 am, and I couldn't go back to sleep so I had to tell him to turn off the light. Then he decides its time to sleep and leaves his loud external on. Well for some, this is not even a big deal but he drank my last bottle of crush which I was supposed to take to the workshop! That's what ticked me off! I just think he'd make an awful roommate.

Today when I got to the workshop, turns out we were having animation drawing first, not life drawing like I was hoping for. So all that was for nothing. I started to think I should have just waited for oliver. You see, its also about convenience.. So if oliver shows up, I'll ofcourse take the ride back home with him.

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