Tuesday, February 19, 2008

drawing animals from royal ontario museum

There's always something to write about when you're actually doing stuff. All I did on sunday was waste time and thus I didn't have anything to write about except "I feel like shit." That's gotta stop.

Today, after I got back from shopping, I was having second thoughts about going to the museum. I was thinking I could go to life drawing today and study for my mythology test (which is tomorrow!) if I don't waste so much time going all the way to toronto and back. As I was sitting in front of the computer listening to music, I saw Sujata was online.

I really wish I could post the chat here. It was really interesting. She had recently read my blog and asked how my back was doing.. I told her the truth about the recent realization I had.. Eventually I made up my mind about going and as we were saying bye, she says "you seemed weird today." Lol!

Now, I don't know what she was talking about, but I know exactly how weird it is to be writing notes to oneself on the sketchbook or drawings one's working on. Not talking about some funny comments/dialogue that relate to your drawing/illustration. I'm talking about stuff that you'd normally ask a third person or a remark someone else would make on your drawing. I say this is the result of extreme loneliness. Well, its not like I don't have ANYONE to talk to, and that's why, thankfully, I'm not writing "hey yash, how are you doing?" to myself and then responding to it. (Uh.. Do I have to?) laugh prompt- ha ha.

I really need someone who draws with me. (ok wait. I Have to say that I didn't need to put the ha ha. If you know me well enough, you'd know my sense of humor by now and know that I'm just joking. ;) ) I don't have someone who works on animation stuff with me. And me working in the pit 'around' or in front of someone isn't the same thing. There has to be an interaction, talking, etc. and I don't mean "bugger off, don't bother me!" kind. All mickey does when he comes over is sit in front of the computer and watch stuff, download stuff and eat stuff.

and yeah, I'm on my way to the museum. Will let you know how it went.

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