Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Perspective room drawing- help me!

(my question is in the last paragraph)
Yesterday, As I was going for life drawing, I got a little late. And the bookstore closed, right before I got there. So I asked oliver if he had extra newsprint that he could let me use. We walked to res and he gave me a pad. While I was there, I was reading jokes from reader's digest. I always loved those columns... laughter the best medicine, all in a day's work, Life's like that. I would laugh my ass off! They have the best jokes.

In life drawing, I saw a kid who was drawing exactly like I used to when I first started. I really thought I should tell him the first thing gerard told me not to do - 'stop drawing little heads'. When gesture drawing, the action as a whole is more important than drawing a circle or oval for a head. I have come a long way since last year, and I have proof of that. I realized a couple of days ago that I still have some pages from my first ever life drawing session. It was hilarious.

I left life drawing early because this model was really annoying. The one who keeps touching his penis again and again. heh.. Anyways, I went back to the pit and oliver was still hanging around. So I sat there with him, I was working on my hand drawing and he was working on a funny drawing with his squirrel character. The problem with me is that I spend as much time thinking what to do as I spend on doing that thing. Or let me rephrase that.. the amount of time i spend thinking about what to do is equal to the time it will take me to actually do that thing. I need to find a way to make decisions quick, and act on them.

I worked on my room drawing late at night, and I kinda ran into some 
problems. I made some diagrams explaining what my dilemma is. I'll also try to explain that verbally. In case someone can understand it and find a solution, please reply. The room I am trying to draw doesn't have 4 walls. it has 6. its a elongated hexagonal shape room. so the walls next to the one I am facing directly, won't confine to the one vanishing point but instead, have two
 different vanishing points... right? take a look

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