Thursday, February 14, 2008

Some good news, and some back news.

My back can't take it anymore! I've been doing more drawing than I've ever done in my life! Every day, by the time I finish life drawing, I have this severe pain at the bottom of my neck and back. Its not really a muscle pain I think... it's the joints. (And now because I used the word joints, this page will be flooded with drug addicts and junkies soon as it starts to show up in google search results for 'buy cheap joints' or something..) So I've been taking Ibuprofen. Yeah, the same thing that is said in the beginning of the song 'Zinda Hoon Main'.
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I remember back when I was in akola, Tauji would always insist sleeping on the floor if he had back troubles. I kinda have had the same experience lately, as I have been sleeping on the floor too. I cuddle up inside a sleeping bag and its like going camping. LOL... joking. Its not NEARLY anything like going camping..But after the nights that I sleep on the floor, my back doesn't get that tired so easily. On the plus side, the room is cleaner because I vacuum the carpet more often. hehe.

I made bhindi again today, but not the kind I always made. I made what mom called 'pyaaz waali bhindi.' Its cut in flower shapped pieces and cooked with onions to give a different flavour. While I was cooking it, Jon came and asked, what is that? I said 'Okra' He said, "Isn't it like, stringy?" I said, Oh, I cut it differently this time. Its a different preparation. I was so stuffed after the dinner that I was getting really sleepy. I didn't even clean up.

As I was sleeping in my nice, cozy, warm bag, I woke up at around 4 in the morning. Damn!! I was feeling kinda thirsty; luckily, I had a jug of cold water in my room . I had some water and tried going back to sleep, but I couldn't. My body was totally weary, but my brain was not. My feet and back were still recovering and my eyes were burning! After waiting for a couple more minutes for the sandman to come my way, I got up, and got to work!

I worked on my second hand drawing and ended up with a pretty good one. The proportions of a couple fingers looked off but I fixed that. If more modifications need to be made, I will just trace over the drawing. Then I started to work on storyboard... And I just want to say, "Drawing storyboard 'large' SUCKS!" Its just not something I'm into. Another good news, my hand sculpture on DA got 6 faves in just one day! yippe!

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