Saturday, February 23, 2008

oakville transit has the most ridiculous schedule

The day started out absolutely wrong! I totally forgot about the 19 bus that passes from oakmead at around 8 am when going to the Go station. As I was walking to the stop for number 13, I thought I was late and I decided to go to the college because I remember there is one bus that gets to the go station just in time for the 8:30 train to toronto.

But the schedule on display showed the schedule of bus 24, which is supposed to leave the sheridan stop at 8:35 and reach the go station at 8:50. That's ridiculous! Why would they schedule a bus to get there, after the connecting train-that most passengers take- has left? I hoped that it would come early and we'd make it there in time, but it didn't. I talked to the driver, and he told me its always been like this. That's when I realized the bus that I'd take was the number 20.

Well, my bad luck didn't stop there. As I put 50 cents in the fare collection thing, and started to look for my go train ticket, which I thought I had in my backpack, I had a flash. The backpack I took to the museum on tuesday, was my blue jansport. I had the go train ticket in that. Fuck! This meant I'd have to pay 2 more dollars for the bus, and buy a new ticket for today!

And as I am waiting at the go station for the 9:30 train, I wonder what else can go wrong...

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  1. It's 2015 now and it takes me so long to figure out how to get from A to B on Oakville transit I might as well walk.