Friday, February 01, 2008

Warning: Some offensive content.

I've been to life drawing every day from monday to thursday. Sometimes I even went to the 7 o clock one after the 6 pm session ended. I don't remember what day it was, but Ron was our model, and there was a really interesting conversation going on, which I HAD to blog about. But since internet wasn't working, I couldn't. Today, internet is back on so here I go.

Ron was talking about how a degree in animation is meaningless. I think the conversation started on the topic of english requirement for the program... Anyways, he said, "a degree in animation is like a degree in giving blowjob(I hope he was talking about girls) People only care how well you do it, they don't wanna know if you have a certificate saying tht you can give a blowjob." Which I think is extremely hilarious. Aw COME ON stop scoffing at me for this one line! I already warned you in the title! Back to the topic, he said, "all this confusion was probably because animation was a relatively new field." upon hearing this, I went "huh?" I didn't expect someone here in canada, at sheridan college where they've been teaching animation for a couple decades to say its a 'new discipline'. But what he said next, made that point clear. "Illustration has been around for centuries. Even before people started writing books, there were illustrations to tell people stories or a message." He's right... look at the ancient Egyptian wall paintings... Someone else prompted, "Animation has only been around since 1920." And I decided I should tell this to my parents... they'll really get a kick out of this.

They would have wanted me to be a doctor or an engineer... Medicine has been practiced for ages. Long before people discovered moving images, and the need to entertain themselves watching cartoons, they needed to cure all the diseases that befall humanity. Engineering has developed ever since man stepped out of a cave. (that's my assumption!) Fine arts has been around for really long too. but not in the form of animation. Leonardo da Vinci's drawings, I think are fit to be called illustrations, maybe technical illustrations. But they were not moving images... I can't think right off the back of my head who created the first 'moving image' drawing. If anyone out there knows, or takes the time to find out, please let me know.

Now, I must sleep. All that snow shoveling has made me tired. And all the okra eating made me

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