Monday, February 25, 2008

Sheridan Portfolio Submission

Portfolio submission finally done! I'm so relieved! I feel like blogging the whole incident. I was pretty zoned out in the beginning, because I was still sleepy, but then Oliver just comes up to me and he's really hyper because he's high on energy drinks. "HEY! Where are the Instructor guys?" And it was only 8:15 or something back then, so they were in the classroom talking/discussing. I pointed him to it, and he walks, really fast, like roadrunner, to the door, and looks in, then comes back out and says "This one girl saw me and pointed (doing action). I was like, UH, OK!" And just does the roadrunner walk again. It was SO HILARIOUS! That thing woke me up good. Even after a couple seconds, I was still thinking about it and going, "what just happened?"
Mickey was with me there. He was with me throughout the night. He helped me put together my portfolio. He said He'd wake me up in the morning, make sure I didn't sleep through the portfolio submission. But I had set alarms and so I actually woke up before him. I didn't even have anything to eat, I have this thing on my tongue since the last couple of days that just burns whenever it touches any other surface. So I just had a glass of water, and we walked to the college at around 7:50 am. This was the earliest I've been outside in a LONG LONG TIME. Anyways, it was beautiful to see the morning sun. The sun close to and during spring and summer is really beautiful. Anyways, because I was talking with Mik, time really flew by. We weren't the first ones there, but the number of people quickly grew after we arrived.
As they started collecting the photos, we went to the back of the queue. I saw Ben after a really long time.

We didn't talk for long, because I noticed Alex Zimmer. It was really exciting to see him after such a long time. Because in my head, there had always been a curiosity whether I had gotten better than him. And as he showed his portfolio to us, I realized that my portfolio does show more clearly the skills that the portfolio review people are looking for. And I was feeling a little more confident. I think I need to thank alex for this. LOL. He had put in a LOT of personal pieces. He thinks, the portfolio requirement sheet says minimum 5 personal pieces. I doubt that. Also, He put in the giant foot drawing we did in life drawing class in second semester art fundamentals. I remember Brenda had specifically told us the animation portfolio review guys don't like this drawing. So I want to wish him good luck because he'll need it.

When I got to the desk to hand in my portfolio, Harsh said he couldn't find my name. I thought he was kidding. But in a few seconds, I realized that he was actually searching for my name on the list and was unable to find it. I panicked! This could not be happening! I tried staying cool by laughing it off... yeah, like Boman Irani in munnabhai mbbs. ;) Eventually, he found my name, but he said that I hadn't registered. OMG! this would mean that I could even come back tomorrow and drop off my portfolio! But I didn't want to take a chance with that and I just wanted it to get over with. So I handed it in. My  portfolio number was 333. Well, someone had to get three threes, but I was really excited that it was me. I talked to lisa I think and she was telling me in china, 444 is considered an unlucky number, as it stands for death!

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