Monday, February 04, 2008

Why does itunes say the artist of Aadat in kalyug is Goher Mumtaz?

I was just sorting through my itunes library, adding album art to the tracks and stuff. And the top of the list was Aadat, the slow one, that starts with 'aa aaaa ..~long music~.. Juda ho ke bhi tu mujhme kahin baaki hai...' For better explanation, I'll just post itune store url for the song. Now I had put in the artist as Aatif, I am not even sure if his name starts with two A's or just one. (But most places its just one A.) He 'was' the lead singer of the band Jal before Goher Mumtaz, the composer, decided to kick him out. From what I can gather from this page, Atif and his brother were trying to make money out of the band, whereas Goher's intention was just to make good music. And they were 'interfering' a lot with the work the band was doing. 

Now that the back story is done, I would like to get back to my question. On Amazon AND itunes mp3 stores, if you see the listing of the album Kalyug, you will see the track: Aadat(Aatif) Artist: Goher Mumtaz. Which I think is WRONG! The artist is supposed to mean the band or singer who performed it. And since this one was not performed by the band Jal, but instead, Aatif himself, solo, Artist field should have his name. And Goher Mumtaz's name should be in Composer. Unless, I got the story wrong and Goher actually sung that version of the song. 

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