Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some drawings that didn't make it

WoW! So my blog has silently crossed 300 posts and I've achieved my triple century. And I didn't want the blog to start getting stagnant now. I figured I had enough time to make a new blog post so here goes!

These are some of the drawings that didn't make it to my portfolio. I was recommended against using them.

gesture drawing photo1 by ~yashrg on deviantART

many of you might think this should never have been a candidate for the portfolio, but it was actually a semi finalist. It got kicked out in the second last round of picking drawings for the portfolio. And I had gotten it photographed before then. So I can post it here.

Grizzly Bear again by ~yashrg on deviantART

Goat by ~yashrg on deviantART

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