Saturday, February 09, 2008

Pet peves and sheridan lockdown

I finally ended up going shopping and I bought a whole lot of food! I am like an ant storing food for the winter. Only I, am storing food for the portfolio time. I don't want to have to go shopping in the coming weeks. While I was at the grocery store, I had decided I was going to make chole today! I bought all the ingredients that I didn't have, and I was pretty excited for it. I think this is the first time I've made chole all by myself.

At the Indian grocery store, the lady at the checkout asked me about the incident at sheridan today. I didn't have much to say, because all I knew was from many different sources, and I didn't know which one was 100 percent true. She asked me if he was a white guy... which I thought was kinda awful... racist. But I don't really care who it was. All I care is about finding out that they did all this for nothing. Even since I first heard they spotted someone with a gun, I had been thinking it must have been a paintball gun or a fake/toy gun. The email that I got from sheridan college president said, and I quote 'cameras recorded video of a person carrying an object that appeared sufficiently suspicious' It could even have been a tripod stand someone suggested. Blah!

Back home, jon was also cooking dinner for him and his GF. And it was a really nice and busy atmosphere. I kinda enjoyed it. Add to that the fact that vironica did a lot of the dishes... thank you vironica. I had gotten 6 bottles of crush, and jon asked me if he could have a GLASS of it. And I said, ok. But he drank one whole bottle. Plus, he was being very grumpy about me putting it in the fridge to cool. Yeah, with stephanie's bottle of water too! I realized there wasn't enough room in the fridge for all the juices and milk, and asked her to finish the bottle of water and/or throw it away. And jon said, "there's room in there!" I just said, "fine, you put it in there." But then stephanie started taking to him about it, and saying that its ok, but jon still insisted that the OLD OLD bottle of water be put back in the fridge. Wtf dude!

Thankfully, my chickpeas turned out pretty good and I had a nice meal. I put in all the ingredients and spices by my estimate. So I wouldn't be able to reproduce the exact same taste again. Regardless, I have enough for a couple more times... Maybe I'll take some to the workshop tomorrow. Yeah.. that'll be really sweet! Too bad oliver isn't going to be there. He's going to the ROM. What luck eh? Almost every time I make some food, and want to share it with him, things just don't work out. Atleast he's still giving me a ride to toronto.

Gotta head back to work now. Have a good one.

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