Friday, February 29, 2008

Lost in Translation

I'm so close that I can touch it. But as soon as I start walking, I am SO FAR away! My vision, my world is like beyond the clouds...My Universe.
I'm not alone, There are others like me. I sleepwalk with my eyes wide open. I stumble more often than not.
However, I don't have no doubts I'm sure the Sun will rise again
And everyone will be swept away, such is the world of my Dreams.

I have a million wings to fly, and the whole blue sky to soar
And to move forward, I have MY world.

And that was my stupid interpretation of some of the lines from the song 'Mera Jahan' from Taare Zameen Par.

And I showed this to mickey, and he gave me a really interesting interpretation of the 'translation'. I wish I was recording all that he just said. Because even I can't summarize it. He did say that he felt I was trying to write a poem. The lines seemed like poetry to him, and he was pretty spot on about that.

Please leave a comment and tell me how you would interpret the lines I wrote.

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