Saturday, March 01, 2008

Supercuts Experience.... Bad inexperienced staff!

Since I'm not keeping the shaggy look anymore, I figured its about time to get my hair trimmed and set. It had been two months since my last visit to supercuts, which was my first time. And it was alright, so I decided to go to the same place again. But this time, it was quite an ordeal. The reason - inexperienced and amateur Asian girl.

When I went there, I saw stephen getting a haircut from the lady who cut my hair last time. We talked about the portfolio submissions etc. I didn't think the other girl would do haircuts. But then she interrupted us, and asked me to come over to the chair on the other side of the salon. Stephen just left when he was done.

I told her I wanted my hair short, short enough so that I could spike it up with some gel when I wanted. She asked me how I wanted my sideburns and after I explained to her how short I wanted them, she took one of those electric trimmers to my head. She said I'm using lade number two. And Immediately after she got rid of a huge patch of my hair, I realized this was NOT the blade I wanted. I told her this was too short, but it was too late.

She spent the rest of the time, trying to make the short hair at the side and back look gradual instead of an accident which it really was. In that time, the other lady had finished cutting the hair off of two other people. I realized mickey would be waiting for me at McDonalds... but I guess he was done waiting, because he showed up there, at Supercuts. I realized it was him even before he entered the door. I saw a tall figure from the corner of my eye, without my glasses on, and assumed it was him. LOL.

I didn't even tip her. I'm just glad I won't have to go to her anymore, because I'll be in India in two months.

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