Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Canada post shipment tracking screw-up

I recently (28th feb to be precise.)ordered two books from amazon.ca and had them shipped to my place using standard shipment method. This, is the regular ground shipping which is slowest of them all. Still, it said they'd ship it on 29th feb! That was the next day! And I was pretty excited, when mickey told me that it only means the product will leave their warehouse on the 29th. BAH! How could I have been so stupid.
I looked at the shipment tracking page on amazon, and it said "delivery estimate: 4th march." Cool. I was gonna be home all day on tuesday, so I could sign for the package if they want me to. Other details said were, arrival scan at missisauga, 
and 'carrier notified to pick up package', about one hour later. On monday, I checked the status, and it said at 9 am, it was 'out for delivery' at the oakville center. Cool! I can expect it tomorrow then!
But I still haven't gotten it, as of 5:23 pm. However, what's weird is, now, a new entry has shown up in the shipmenttracking page.
Click to enlarge the image if you need to. The entry dated march 2, says Delivered! Now I don't have any proof to show u guys that it just popped up today, but as faithful readers of my blog, I hope you believe me. And even the status of the shipment has gone from in transit, to delivered! How is that possible?

This is the second time I have ordered something off the internet and have had to worry about shipment. The first time was when I got my wacom tablet.

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