Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lucid dream?

Its been a while since I blogged about my dream. And I think this one would damn well make up for it. This dream was a really happy dream. I was meeting old friends, and I was successful. I would achieve everything I wanted. It was like I was re-living my life and doing better than I did the first time around..

One of the incidents I remember was when I was at a really high platform, doing some 'stunt' for a contest/prize. I conquered my fear of heights! In another one, I dreamt that I had gone to some wedding with my parents and divya, and when I was coming back, I met hitesh, a guy from my school. We talked about what was gonna happen in school next, and stuff. Then we parted ways.

Another part was of me winning a race. It was like sports day at my school, and I was running in a 400m relay race. I can't say whether I had always wanted to run a race, but who doesn't like winning? And I think the win was symbolic of something... Maybe that I will achieve all my goals this time around. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention the hallucinations... hehe... I actually felt there was someone in the room, next to me or on the bed. And as soon as I try to look at it harder, or move my hand across, I'd realize there's no one there. Once it was Naniji, other times it was just one of my cousins... It was crazy! 

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