Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Lets start covering my backlog from easter. I was so glad I didn't go to Toronto yesterday with mickey, because my condition had worsened. I went to bed really tired last night. But I did not want mickey to be alone on easter. So I went to his place at around 4 pm. We didn't really have anything planned. Maybe we were going to watch a movie, maybe we weren't. Maybe we'll order food; or not! So we just watched tv for a while, Simpsons, family guy, actually, I don't even remember for sure now. He did suggest we go rent dan in real life, but I wasn't feeling upto the task of walking down to blockbuster in the cold. So we just dropped it. After a little more fiddling around, we got to playing tennis on the wii. It was fun. But after a couple games, I decided it was getting kinda late and I should go sleep and get some rest if I wanted to get better.

Monday was the day I had to present the 3d "contextualization of a man made object" assignment. I was pretty excited about my creation, but as the glue started wearing off, and my labels started to fall off, I got really nervous. This was going to look really bad. And this time, most of the class had come up with really amazing work. I was really blown away by the concepts and products of randal, ricky and lauren. I had known about Ian's project, and it surely lived up to the expectations. The concept/depth of John's or shaqeeba's work wasn't too great, but the craftsmanship on their product was astounding. I would love to talk about Eve's piece, but there is not enough space in this blog or time on my hands right now to properly discuss it. In a nutshell, I was inspired to do some controversial or provocative work. Because its part of the business. All the artists at some point in their career are criticized or opposed for some of their work.

After the class, we went to the mall, and again, had a nice meal while talking over random subjects. I've started to quite like this routine. Now I can't wait for mondays. LOL. Later, Jeremy took me to the college so that I could pick up my suitcase and dropped me back home. I wouldn't have wanted to walk all the way back with that suitcase. Now its time to take pictures of it and upload it to deviantart. But, The internet's not working. We went over our bandwidth limit for the month! AGAIN!

So later in the evening, I went over to mickey's place so that we could watch our favourite tv shows together. How I met your mother and Two and a half men. We also played tennis again. And turns out mickey had been practicing. He beat me at the game pretty easily today. I also tried different games. Bowling, Baseball, and Boxing. Bowling to me seemed kinda boring. And for me, golf would be boring too. That's why I didn't even bother trying it. Baseball tool a little practice, but it was fun once I got a hang of the controls. Boxing was the most tiring of all the games, because you're using two hands. Plus, you have to jab your hand really hard to make the wiimote register a punch. I would have loved to play it with mickey, but he was too tired.

I think I'll stop now, because there's not really much to mention. I'm really sick and feel awfull. I've only gotten out of my room for cup of warm water with honey. I wanna get better soon!

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