Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I salute you

I came here to Canada, without any friends. Al alone, and really lonely for a really long time. Then Slowly, I ended up making a few friends.... A few more people I would talk to, interact with, And I thought things were starting to look up. But I guess as they say, 'duniya gol hai' Life has come a full circle in canada, And I'm feeling pretty much like I did last march. Vironica just demanded that I stop having mickey over. No more sleepovers, hanging out, ordering thai. No more cooking Indian food for people, no more dinner partys.

I'm even talking to fewer people in my class. No one comes and sits next to me. Don't get invited to game nights. Infact, the class last year was way better. I miss all the jokes and hulabaloo that used to happen in class. All this just makes me feel like I couldn't leave this place sooner. I want to go visit my friends in India. I miss how I could talk to Harsh and Suraj about ANYTHING! I know someone who found me funny...(Divya) And a lot of people who would make fun of me, and that doesn't bother me at all. Atleast they acknowledged me! They noticed my stupid hairdo or my ugly t shirt. Or that I needed to shave already!

This post goes out as a tribute to all those who pulled my leg at every opportunity I gave them. This goes out to everyone who pranked me. Those who laughed at my jokes, those who made me laugh with their jokes. Ones who I'd share every second of my day, and also ones who shared every bit of detail about their life.

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