Monday, March 17, 2008

Plaster Bandages

Today I had the opportunity to do something totally new and unique and I grabbed it by the horns! Well, only metaphorically speaking. Because the opportunity came in the form of my 3d teacher kirsten Abrahamson wanting to demonstrate making a plaster mould of someone's face. And for some weird reason, I thought being 'inside' the plaster mask was gonna be better than standing outside, watching the demonstration. Oh well, so I volunteered, and I wasn't gonna back down! Not even after the horror stories she was telling us about the people who got claustrophobic while the plaster was on them. How about people who's plasters wouldn't come off because they didn't 'grease up' well enough..LOL...

As I didn't want to get my facial hair 'waxed' off, I applied a generous amount of Vaseline on my face, not thinking twice about all the pimples I'm gonna get later. I was sitting on the chair,in the middle of the room, with a large sheet of brown paper around my neck,(feeling like a joker) and everyone in the class was staring me. I was the center of attention... again! But I felt frivolous and couldn't help stop laughing in the beginning. Kirsten told me to stay still. I controlled my laughter, got serious thoughts in my head, but the moment she put the first cold bandage on me, I lost it again! She had to remove it and replace it. This time, I was silent. And I stayed that way for the remainder of the demonstration.

No, I didn't fall asleep. I was listening to the things kirsten was talking about and I wanted to speak up at a lot of places, and share my insights. Just like she said.."These 15 minutes will be the time of your life when you want to talk the most!" hehe. She was talking about her experience with doing plaster casts. She said she did some of her kids, as young as 6 years! I could feel that the plaster bandages were shrinking as they started to dry. By the time she was on the second layer, It started feeling very hard and rigid. But I didn't get claustrophobic because soon, I was gonna be able to take it off. As told, I started to wiggle my lips out of the cavity. At the same time, Kirsten was using a tool to separate the mask from its edges, and pull it off. And it just about managed to pull out some of my eyebrow hair in the process.

After that, I was off to the bathroom to clean up the mess that I was. I only realized how much white parts I still had on my face when i got to the restroom. I wonder what the guys who saw me in the hallway thought. I even got some of it in my hair! GOD! that thing was like gum! But I didn't bother too much, because I was gonna go home and shower anyways. First, I had to get my laptop back from mickey! however, I got invited to go to the mall with jeremy, stephen and lauren, and I decided to go hang out with them first.

Title I did NOT use for this post : Mummifying me!

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