Sunday, March 30, 2008

How many languages do you have in your music library

Hi, I just recently heard someone mention this question. I was really intrigued by it. Hence, I decided to check how many languages I have in my music library. I am only considering the tracks that I really like listening to. My faves. And off the top of my head, I could think of hindi, punjabi, english, french, German... And If I look in my itunes, I am bound to find atleast three more.

Lets see, Daddy yankee, I believe he speaks spanish. And so the 6th language is spanish. Even Ricky martin and Jenifer Lopez have sung songs in spanish. Shakira has also sung songs in portugese, and I feel embarrassed to say, that I can't tell if any of her songs I have are Portuguese. Seventh language is Arabic. A lot of hindi and english songs have arabic parts in them. And number eight goes to gujrati for the one gujrati rap song I have. Yeah, How could I forget Japanese? I have a whole bunch of japanese songs. From the soundtrack of Paprika and fast and furious tokyo drift. Number 10 goes to Armaic. Yes, its a language. The song kandisa by the band Indian Ocean, is actually a prayer in Armaic. According to wikipedia, Literal Translation of this word may be Divine Praise.

Can I go any higher? Lets see... Song Kaun in the album Kandisa has Kashmiri lyrics. Some of Yael Naim's songs are in Hebrew... And.... I think I am about done. I cannot split hair further anymore. Let me know what your count is. But I highly doubt you can beat 12. Bring it ON!

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