Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tata Indicomm broadband service - Don't take their word for it

Yeah!! he got it... no wait he didn't... oh! its working, or is it? This was the case with my friend pranav in pune. He has subscribed to the tata indicomm wireless broadband which I believe is using wimax technology. And for which tata indicomm is getting accolades and recognition for being the largest network. But that's just an illusion, a mirage of those looking from a distance. The people living there have the real story. And I, knowing someone who is going through this, wish to blog about it.

The connection people came to his house to check if things are looking 'ok'. By this they usually mean that the residence specified is not faked so that they don't get duped into giving a unit/connection to some shady person. I'd say this is regular procedure for India. Then, days later, they said, ok, you can get the unit....but NO SIM card, yet. After few more days, my friend informs me that he finally got a sim card. But, because there was no electricity at his house, the guy couldn't install/configure it for him. ok, That was just his bad luck.

But, then, after rescheduling, the guy doesn't show up. After lot of calling and yelling on his dad's part, the guy comes back, tries to fix it, but he fails. He says he'll go get another sim card and try again... When's that gonna be? No-one knows... The problem really was the reception, or rather, 'the lack of it' to be more precise. When this came to light, (needless to say, few more days later) my friend figured since he's gonna be moving soon, it shouldn't be a problem. But when he got a little reception on his thing and got it workin last night, I got super excited. We tried skype, and aim for voice chatting, but over and over again, we were let down by awfully slow bandwidth.

I was getting really pissed. But today again, he came online. This time, from another friend's place. And the connection was pretty stable. We could talk on skype without any trouble. And he let me know that the tata indicomm people are saying they are not getting permission from the colony residents/authorities to install another tower nearby which will increase the reception in his area. Sounds like ...umm... to put it 'poetically', they(residents) are shackling themselves! But what is bugging me now, is how they could sell their service/product to a person, at his home, even though they know that there were going to be problems.

I'm leaving the post very open ended because I don't want to impose my 'rules' or arguments on anyone. And I could compare it to services in canada to no end, but it wouldn't make sense. Canada is a developed nation with population not even remotely close to India's.

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