Sunday, March 09, 2008

My printer is screwing up.

I bought an epson Cx8400 printer a few months ago and was pretty happy with the printouts because the pigment ink would not smudge or smear due to water or wetness. But lately, its not been performing up to par. My printout of the sign I put up in the bathroom is not really good quality, and this new printout, is just unacceptable!

I don't know whether its just the ink level running low or the combination of media type and print quality set to normal with 'high speed' checked on. But the print out that I got just now, was really really rubbish! There are horizontal lines running across at regular intervals. I wouldn't be able to use a print out like that for any personal projects. But this was for vironica, and she was more than happy. She was really grateful. And it felt nice...
I've blurred out the face. Please ignore that. But if you can look at the problem and tell me what caused it or how I can fix it, I'd really be grateful. Its specially noticeable in the coat part. when black ink is not even running low! I printed out another picture, this one was completely black, but it still had the lines. Even though this time, the high-speed wasn't checked on. I guess the way the printer moves the paper forward, is bound to cause such an effect.

Update: Later tonight, I printed out another page, this time, I checked on the 'quiet mode' option. But it still wasn't any good. I guess that with this printer, when I print at normal quality, I will always get such horrible results. This is unacceptable! If I had known about this before, I wouldn't have given it a good rating at all the sites I reviewed it at.

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