Saturday, September 30, 2006

mood swings and me

Sumit's left me feeling like shit..

Its all his fault.

He wouldn't give in to my idiotic demands which made me pester him and now I cant stop feeling guilty about it. I'm about to go to the dandiya in college but i'm not sure how i'll hang out with all those people thinking "Why did I have to be such a fuckin moron? Why couldn't I just have let that go? What came over me? Sumit's probably cursing me right now.".no he wouldn't do that..I know him better than that..he's too nice a guy to do that..and I'm just a little devil..

and there's this feelin of de-ja-vu that i've written this kind of thing before..

well lets just hope it gets published at this low bal.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

the best sleepover yet!

I can say that because i've seen the sleepover at my place and though this one turned out good for me because i was with pranav after such a long time, I dont think others had as much fun as they did on 25-26th at suju's place!

we all had brought all the material needed the day before and knew this one was going to be more productive.we didnt have a long jam session on the terrace like last time and yash wasn't there tonight because suju's mamiji had left for some days(dont remember the details and dont think thats addin anythin to the blog). The dinner was good, but no coke float becaust we had already finished the ice cream.

So, it was decided! We'd stop working by 2am and watch morning raga.(what a contradiction) so everything was wrapped up-four greetings were into the 'completed items bag' that suju made. One the hexagon shaped,one with the flipbook, one with spiraly pattern with isograph pen on black paper and one purple with firecrackers design. The greeting mohini was making was set aside to be dried and pranju's card was still incomplete. She was doing the warli design with white color and utmost care and precision. Sumit's card i vaguely remember being done but the glitter needed to be wait, Sumit accidentally closed the card while the paint was still wet thus ruining he just composed and wrote the slogans for the greetings..

suju and sumit had already seen the movie so suju walked out inbetween to catch a shut eye moment.. We were almost finished with the first disc when windows media player crashed..the disc was we started talkin..sumit wanted us to speak on subjects like each of ours first meeting with and first impression of each of the friends..(I was rather impressed with what i heard about me) quite interesting for a while then sumit insisted we talk abt our crushes..and it got boring because actually none of us except him had had crushes..but sumit's stories made him look like a big flirt(thats what sumit said) but he was just a sucker for gals..

and all this talkin went on till around 5:30 in the morning when suju decided to play some music on guitar..

HOLD ON RIGHT THERE! Did I forget about the part where sumit sang or was it after this? Whatever.. That was just the most amazing singing i've heard when sumit sang some marathi song. I wonder how i've not seen him in some singing show like sa re ga ma.. Or even indian idol or popstars (never mind how crappy they were).. Well that singing nearly ...
dont want to mention that here and glad it was dark enough in the room so nobody noticed.

We then decided to go for a morning walk out to the bridge in the cold morning winds and watch the sunrise..(why didnt suju think at that time that east was hidden by the hill.) so we did..and i didnt think that was the best part..specially after all the fun we had whole night. The place was dirty and polluted,sumit had slipped away into his solitute and i had no other option than to listen to some music..but again, walkin back, sumit had come back to earth and we did masti walkin back to the the house they had tea and we took some cool pictures to remember the awesome time together which are on my flickr photostream. Now i'm gonna let them do the talkin..

thanks for your visit and comments.
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sleepover fun.

It was very sudden..suju and others had decided to have a sleepover while i was in the computer lab givin my test. When i came back, they told me they had discussed about forming a group for the diwali exhibition and make greetings and lanterns. So we had to meet at a place to think about ideas and act upon them. So it was decided that we'd all go to her place after college and stay there for the night.

Sumit had gone to her place with suju then and there itself, but i had to go return the dvd so i came all the way back to aundh. After finishing my chores, I left for suju's place..and got lost a little along the way..till suju came and i followed her home. I was the last one there,everybody else was already there. We didnt feel like getting to work right away so we went upstairs on the roof and talked untill it was MUSIC TIME! Awesome jam session commenced between pongya and suju and we throughl enjoyed it. I even played some songs on my cell and asked suju to try and play them. It was at this time that we realized what a musical genius pongya was. He could make the notes of the song on his phone within seconds and would tell it to suju who then played it on guitar.

Well i was getting a little chilly even inside the blanket suju had got for me. so it was a delight when everybody decided to go downstairs and have food. By food I mean maggi noodles here. Sumit doesnt like noodles much but still he had some, and i had the lion's share among all. I love maggi noodles!

after dinner, we sat down in the drawing room discussing ideas for greetings and lanterns. I pitched the long exposure photo prints cards but initially no one was very excited abt it. So i pitched the flipbook inside a greeting idea and everyone agreed. But i couldn't stand losing out on the opportunity to showcase my light play to a wider audience so i insisted and everybody agreed. Or rather i GOT everyone to agree. The most ingenious idea for the greeting was suju's. A hexagonal card! All folded up into a smaller hexagon. Simply brilliant I must say. Sumit also had amazing 3d card ideas. I feel so stupid saying I dont quite remember what mohini and pranju pitched individually. But its not my fault! They were probably speaking marathi which is hard to grasp for me.

well after lots of discussions, we finally decided to go to sleep. The girls inside in suju's room and we two in the drawing room on the floor,without a mattress. But i'm not complaining. Infact, even there, we both went to sleep faster than the girls who told us they had been talkin till 5am. In the mornin, tea was served to all those who wanted and I waited for them to finish and get ready to go. we just assembled our stuff and left, i dropped pongya near swargate and then drove to home all alone. It was an amazing experience for me, since i cant remember 'being over at a friend's house with 4 other friends and havin so much fun' in a long time. That night made me look forward with utmost eagerness to our next sleepover or night out..

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

testing mobile post

I felt the need to be able to post in different blogs from my mobile so first, I looked up the 'email to blogger' way.

I set up special email addresses for both of my main blogs, this one and the fun portal. I had even started typing a test post for the fun portal,thats when i realized that i cant send images to my blog if i use email.

So, i went and changed the publishing of my mobile posts from 'my life' to the fun portal because i anyways dont use images in 'my life', so i could email entries to that blog. But I thought that since I do have another email address to set up as my mobile blogging address, I set up that on my phone and now am emailing from to this blog.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Up and raring to go

I was very dejected when tauji told me not to go to college yesterday, but I know it was for my good, and I can surely tell right now that it helped.

SO,... plans for today...

I`m gonna head to college and try to get them to take my cg exam today, then DEFINATELY take the digit magazine from pranav. He had brough it the day before yesterday too, but I just totally forgot about it. But first, we have an english exam. I`m not worrying about it though. It`ll be a piece of cake. I also have to make sure I take my meds in time or this terrible cough wont be cured.. What else?

I read in the newspapers the petrol pump`s strike is over and Arjun bhaiya is super pissed off at me for not having gotten the darn broken indicator fixed so he wont let me drive the pulsar. Then tauji comes and says I shouldnt buy a new bike! What a terrible start of the day you`d say. But I`m sure my pals will cheer me up. And I`m not giving up on the hopes to buy a dts-fi! I`m gonna talk to dad and then go book the new pulsar dts-fi asap!

Friday, September 15, 2006

The great fun we had at the fresher`s party.

Disclaimer: No pics here. This blog is meant to be a fast loading blog for dial-up users or those who dont want to waste bandwidth. And I`m forbidden to upload other people`s pics so I`m just gonna upload some of "my" cool pics on flickr

So, this long overdue post about the amazing fresher`s party is finally being written, albeit two days later.

I had planned on what I was going to wear for the theme- "funky look". I put on my sleeveless hooded tee under my levis shirt and spiked my hair. I didnt want the tee inside to get noticed untill I got to the venue or atlease the college so I buttoned up my shirt for the time being. When I got there, I was in for a pleasant surprise,... shruti and pranav decided to show up too....with sahil aish, esha etc...
Among the others, sahil`s dress was rather cool with the jacket...without it, I`d have to say shruti was the best dressed.

All of us couldnt be on the same bus because te one in which almost all of the ppl(I`m talkin bout ppl from the group only) were in, was full. So me and sumit and anand went in the other bus which had seniors on them. We played "damsharaz" on the way and got there before the others did. which gave me and sumit time to roam around in the place and take some snaps of flowers and elephants and stuff...

Then the others arrived and some boring address and shitty performances happened which I`m going to fly past and get to the interesting stuff...probably in the second post.

ha ha...u`ll have to wait for it now!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Happy thought of the day.

Eer since the kittens died, I have been gloomy and spreading gloominess all around me. Even in the blogosphere. But I think I ought to change that. So I`ll tell ya a funny incident that happened this night(because date changes after 12 am.)

At first I didnt think it was very funny. Being waken up from skeep really pisses me off. But when I looked back at the incident in the morning, even I smiled. So I told it to my friends at college and they found it funny too.

It goes like this:

Arjun bhaiya`s pulsar was stolen just the night before. Therefore, I had to drive all the way to college in the ct 100- the stupid bike with lousy suspension and which doesnt have a self start and would shut down at any random moment. The bad pune roads didnt help either! And I got back home all tired and went to sleep early to compensate for my lack of sleep in the bus last night. Now, Arjun bhaiya comes into my room in the middle of the night and wakes me up demanding that I go outside and park it "inside". He was being "extra carefull" about the lousy ct 100, but wasnt carefull enough about the pulsar 180! I was really drowsy even after his yelling and shouting and he sat me up and dragged me to the edge of the bed and
pulled me a little and left me to fall. After realizing that I was going to fall, I suddenly awoke- really really furios at him...and he just decided to walk out of the room and do it himself now! I took it lightly and so am able to look back and laugh at that "moment" otherwise I would have kept a grudge against him for it.


so it HAS come to this..

After almost a week of giving me the wrong vibes, Pranav came to college and the little time he spent with me seemed to fix it all up. I'm not a very good observer so cant say that he was faking it.. To me, all he didnt seem un-friendly or aloof.

I was totally enjoying his company not thinking abt mohini sumit prajkta or suju at all. In the recess I even talked abt him coming over to my house again and he said he would as soon as he can obviously after the exams.

Here comes the bad part...

I was listening to music on my new nokia music headset working on my lady finger when i overheard pranav talking to someone(who i just found out was vivek sir) abt the fresher's party. He said he wasn't coming because "noone else in his group was going." I might have mistaken because anyways I can not hear much when the "in-ear" phones are stuck deep into my ears, let alone being able to hear correctly with music blaring through.

But just for the purpose of the blog, I'm going to consider I was right,..

now i'm pretty sure we had just talked, me pranav and suju that she and I were going..Now maybe he just said that to make a convincing excuse for sir..I'm not completely ruling out the possibility that it was the case..but what I feel is that its a sure shot sign from him that he doesnt want to call me and suju as part of his "group"

What are you still reading this for? This post is over! Finito! I have nothing to say about it. I'm just gonna go with the flow for as long as i can..

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Friday, September 08, 2006

now they're both gone

There's no electricity in the house and not a spark of life in the kitten. Now Div's trying to keep it in. But i think Div's already cried her share when the black kitten was hurt..

Its my turn to pay that cute kitten tribute. In my own way- my blog. Some people have told me a gifted writer but now they have been proved wrong(no offence guys) because I dont have any words to describe this strong emotion I'm feeling right now. Luckily, I haven't had to encounter the death of someone very close to me till date..(its usually been someone of someone's someone) Now I know better how they felt. I'm thinking to keep this short so i'll stop.

I'd love to hear from you, please leave a comment if u will.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rest in peace poor kitten

I just have to share the bad news of a beloved one`s demise with you..

Approx 20 days ago, A cat gave birth to two kittens in our house and abandoned them. Mom knew that these little kittens would never survive outside the house on their own. Thus we decided to take care of them till they were old enough. We would almost never let them go downstairs for fear of the dogs and pigs near our house.

But today, One of the kittens had wandered downstairs when I wasnt home and my sister wasnt paying attention and was attacked by a dog. Its backbone broke...we took it to the vet who just gave it two anesthetic/antiseptic/painkiller injections and we had to bring it back because we had to go to to a "bhandara".But divya didnt go.When I got back home, the kitten was sleeping with its sibling and my sister finally slept after crying for a long time...

I was just on the pc like always checking mails orkutting and posting images to flickr when Dad came to me and called me out to see something. I walked out to see the injured kitten`s behind eaten by its was horrible. We will just have to put it away we agreed. I didnt have the nerve to touch it. I said we`ll have to call one of the workers from downstairs to take it somewhere. Right now, even I was feeling like crying. I dont know what will happen when Divya finds out...

And its pretty sure by now that it wont survive.Not even its sibling wanted it to survive...poor thing. I am really sorry I couldnt take enough care of it. I hope god forgives us for the negligance and may its soul rest in peace.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

i wasn't ready dude

EDIT september 10, 1:32 am:I talked to pranav and he wants me to remove the entry like I presumed(when sujata and sumit told me about it) I did it as promptly as I could because I really think that was one part of my life I wouldnt want to look back upon. Pranav is happy now I guess but maybe all the damage that could have been done is already done. I checked my statistics for page visits and it said there were only 7 visits to this blog all originating from India. also gotta delete sahil`s photo.

Originally written:31:8:2006
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