Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Up and raring to go

I was very dejected when tauji told me not to go to college yesterday, but I know it was for my good, and I can surely tell right now that it helped.

SO,... plans for today...

I`m gonna head to college and try to get them to take my cg exam today, then DEFINATELY take the digit magazine from pranav. He had brough it the day before yesterday too, but I just totally forgot about it. But first, we have an english exam. I`m not worrying about it though. It`ll be a piece of cake. I also have to make sure I take my meds in time or this terrible cough wont be cured.. What else?

I read in the newspapers the petrol pump`s strike is over and Arjun bhaiya is super pissed off at me for not having gotten the darn broken indicator fixed so he wont let me drive the pulsar. Then tauji comes and says I shouldnt buy a new bike! What a terrible start of the day you`d say. But I`m sure my pals will cheer me up. And I`m not giving up on the hopes to buy a dts-fi! I`m gonna talk to dad and then go book the new pulsar dts-fi asap!

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