Friday, September 15, 2006

The great fun we had at the fresher`s party.

Disclaimer: No pics here. This blog is meant to be a fast loading blog for dial-up users or those who dont want to waste bandwidth. And I`m forbidden to upload other people`s pics so I`m just gonna upload some of "my" cool pics on flickr

So, this long overdue post about the amazing fresher`s party is finally being written, albeit two days later.

I had planned on what I was going to wear for the theme- "funky look". I put on my sleeveless hooded tee under my levis shirt and spiked my hair. I didnt want the tee inside to get noticed untill I got to the venue or atlease the college so I buttoned up my shirt for the time being. When I got there, I was in for a pleasant surprise,... shruti and pranav decided to show up too....with sahil aish, esha etc...
Among the others, sahil`s dress was rather cool with the jacket...without it, I`d have to say shruti was the best dressed.

All of us couldnt be on the same bus because te one in which almost all of the ppl(I`m talkin bout ppl from the group only) were in, was full. So me and sumit and anand went in the other bus which had seniors on them. We played "damsharaz" on the way and got there before the others did. which gave me and sumit time to roam around in the place and take some snaps of flowers and elephants and stuff...

Then the others arrived and some boring address and shitty performances happened which I`m going to fly past and get to the interesting stuff...probably in the second post.

ha ha...u`ll have to wait for it now!

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