Thursday, September 28, 2006

sleepover fun.

It was very sudden..suju and others had decided to have a sleepover while i was in the computer lab givin my test. When i came back, they told me they had discussed about forming a group for the diwali exhibition and make greetings and lanterns. So we had to meet at a place to think about ideas and act upon them. So it was decided that we'd all go to her place after college and stay there for the night.

Sumit had gone to her place with suju then and there itself, but i had to go return the dvd so i came all the way back to aundh. After finishing my chores, I left for suju's place..and got lost a little along the way..till suju came and i followed her home. I was the last one there,everybody else was already there. We didnt feel like getting to work right away so we went upstairs on the roof and talked untill it was MUSIC TIME! Awesome jam session commenced between pongya and suju and we throughl enjoyed it. I even played some songs on my cell and asked suju to try and play them. It was at this time that we realized what a musical genius pongya was. He could make the notes of the song on his phone within seconds and would tell it to suju who then played it on guitar.

Well i was getting a little chilly even inside the blanket suju had got for me. so it was a delight when everybody decided to go downstairs and have food. By food I mean maggi noodles here. Sumit doesnt like noodles much but still he had some, and i had the lion's share among all. I love maggi noodles!

after dinner, we sat down in the drawing room discussing ideas for greetings and lanterns. I pitched the long exposure photo prints cards but initially no one was very excited abt it. So i pitched the flipbook inside a greeting idea and everyone agreed. But i couldn't stand losing out on the opportunity to showcase my light play to a wider audience so i insisted and everybody agreed. Or rather i GOT everyone to agree. The most ingenious idea for the greeting was suju's. A hexagonal card! All folded up into a smaller hexagon. Simply brilliant I must say. Sumit also had amazing 3d card ideas. I feel so stupid saying I dont quite remember what mohini and pranju pitched individually. But its not my fault! They were probably speaking marathi which is hard to grasp for me.

well after lots of discussions, we finally decided to go to sleep. The girls inside in suju's room and we two in the drawing room on the floor,without a mattress. But i'm not complaining. Infact, even there, we both went to sleep faster than the girls who told us they had been talkin till 5am. In the mornin, tea was served to all those who wanted and I waited for them to finish and get ready to go. we just assembled our stuff and left, i dropped pongya near swargate and then drove to home all alone. It was an amazing experience for me, since i cant remember 'being over at a friend's house with 4 other friends and havin so much fun' in a long time. That night made me look forward with utmost eagerness to our next sleepover or night out..

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