Saturday, September 30, 2006

mood swings and me

Sumit's left me feeling like shit..

Its all his fault.

He wouldn't give in to my idiotic demands which made me pester him and now I cant stop feeling guilty about it. I'm about to go to the dandiya in college but i'm not sure how i'll hang out with all those people thinking "Why did I have to be such a fuckin moron? Why couldn't I just have let that go? What came over me? Sumit's probably cursing me right now.".no he wouldn't do that..I know him better than that..he's too nice a guy to do that..and I'm just a little devil..

and there's this feelin of de-ja-vu that i've written this kind of thing before..

well lets just hope it gets published at this low bal.

sent frm my E60

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