Tuesday, September 12, 2006

so it HAS come to this..

After almost a week of giving me the wrong vibes, Pranav came to college and the little time he spent with me seemed to fix it all up. I'm not a very good observer so cant say that he was faking it.. To me, all he didnt seem un-friendly or aloof.

I was totally enjoying his company not thinking abt mohini sumit prajkta or suju at all. In the recess I even talked abt him coming over to my house again and he said he would as soon as he can obviously after the exams.

Here comes the bad part...

I was listening to music on my new nokia music headset working on my lady finger when i overheard pranav talking to someone(who i just found out was vivek sir) abt the fresher's party. He said he wasn't coming because "noone else in his group was going." I might have mistaken because anyways I can not hear much when the "in-ear" phones are stuck deep into my ears, let alone being able to hear correctly with music blaring through.

But just for the purpose of the blog, I'm going to consider I was right,..

now i'm pretty sure we had just talked, me pranav and suju that she and I were going..Now maybe he just said that to make a convincing excuse for sir..I'm not completely ruling out the possibility that it was the case..but what I feel is that its a sure shot sign from him that he doesnt want to call me and suju as part of his "group"

What are you still reading this for? This post is over! Finito! I have nothing to say about it. I'm just gonna go with the flow for as long as i can..

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