Thursday, September 28, 2006

the best sleepover yet!

I can say that because i've seen the sleepover at my place and though this one turned out good for me because i was with pranav after such a long time, I dont think others had as much fun as they did on 25-26th at suju's place!

we all had brought all the material needed the day before and knew this one was going to be more productive.we didnt have a long jam session on the terrace like last time and yash wasn't there tonight because suju's mamiji had left for some days(dont remember the details and dont think thats addin anythin to the blog). The dinner was good, but no coke float becaust we had already finished the ice cream.

So, it was decided! We'd stop working by 2am and watch morning raga.(what a contradiction) so everything was wrapped up-four greetings were into the 'completed items bag' that suju made. One the hexagon shaped,one with the flipbook, one with spiraly pattern with isograph pen on black paper and one purple with firecrackers design. The greeting mohini was making was set aside to be dried and pranju's card was still incomplete. She was doing the warli design with white color and utmost care and precision. Sumit's card i vaguely remember being done but the glitter needed to be wait, Sumit accidentally closed the card while the paint was still wet thus ruining he just composed and wrote the slogans for the greetings..

suju and sumit had already seen the movie so suju walked out inbetween to catch a shut eye moment.. We were almost finished with the first disc when windows media player crashed..the disc was we started talkin..sumit wanted us to speak on subjects like each of ours first meeting with and first impression of each of the friends..(I was rather impressed with what i heard about me) quite interesting for a while then sumit insisted we talk abt our crushes..and it got boring because actually none of us except him had had crushes..but sumit's stories made him look like a big flirt(thats what sumit said) but he was just a sucker for gals..

and all this talkin went on till around 5:30 in the morning when suju decided to play some music on guitar..

HOLD ON RIGHT THERE! Did I forget about the part where sumit sang or was it after this? Whatever.. That was just the most amazing singing i've heard when sumit sang some marathi song. I wonder how i've not seen him in some singing show like sa re ga ma.. Or even indian idol or popstars (never mind how crappy they were).. Well that singing nearly ...
dont want to mention that here and glad it was dark enough in the room so nobody noticed.

We then decided to go for a morning walk out to the bridge in the cold morning winds and watch the sunrise..(why didnt suju think at that time that east was hidden by the hill.) so we did..and i didnt think that was the best part..specially after all the fun we had whole night. The place was dirty and polluted,sumit had slipped away into his solitute and i had no other option than to listen to some music..but again, walkin back, sumit had come back to earth and we did masti walkin back to the the house they had tea and we took some cool pictures to remember the awesome time together which are on my flickr photostream. Now i'm gonna let them do the talkin..

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