Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rest in peace poor kitten

I just have to share the bad news of a beloved one`s demise with you..

Approx 20 days ago, A cat gave birth to two kittens in our house and abandoned them. Mom knew that these little kittens would never survive outside the house on their own. Thus we decided to take care of them till they were old enough. We would almost never let them go downstairs for fear of the dogs and pigs near our house.

But today, One of the kittens had wandered downstairs when I wasnt home and my sister wasnt paying attention and was attacked by a dog. Its backbone broke...we took it to the vet who just gave it two anesthetic/antiseptic/painkiller injections and we had to bring it back because we had to go to to a "bhandara".But divya didnt go.When I got back home, the kitten was sleeping with its sibling and my sister finally slept after crying for a long time...

I was just on the pc like always checking mails orkutting and posting images to flickr when Dad came to me and called me out to see something. I walked out to see the injured kitten`s behind eaten by its was horrible. We will just have to put it away we agreed. I didnt have the nerve to touch it. I said we`ll have to call one of the workers from downstairs to take it somewhere. Right now, even I was feeling like crying. I dont know what will happen when Divya finds out...

And its pretty sure by now that it wont survive.Not even its sibling wanted it to survive...poor thing. I am really sorry I couldnt take enough care of it. I hope god forgives us for the negligance and may its soul rest in peace.

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