Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Happy thought of the day.

Eer since the kittens died, I have been gloomy and spreading gloominess all around me. Even in the blogosphere. But I think I ought to change that. So I`ll tell ya a funny incident that happened this night(because date changes after 12 am.)

At first I didnt think it was very funny. Being waken up from skeep really pisses me off. But when I looked back at the incident in the morning, even I smiled. So I told it to my friends at college and they found it funny too.

It goes like this:

Arjun bhaiya`s pulsar was stolen just the night before. Therefore, I had to drive all the way to college in the ct 100- the stupid bike with lousy suspension and which doesnt have a self start and would shut down at any random moment. The bad pune roads didnt help either! And I got back home all tired and went to sleep early to compensate for my lack of sleep in the bus last night. Now, Arjun bhaiya comes into my room in the middle of the night and wakes me up demanding that I go outside and park it "inside". He was being "extra carefull" about the lousy ct 100, but wasnt carefull enough about the pulsar 180! I was really drowsy even after his yelling and shouting and blabering...so he sat me up and dragged me to the edge of the bed and
pulled me a little and left me to fall. After realizing that I was going to fall, I suddenly awoke- really really furios at him...and he just decided to walk out of the room and do it himself now! I took it lightly and so am able to look back and laugh at that "moment" otherwise I would have kept a grudge against him for it.


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