Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Nokia E60 is irRemote for nikon D40

There's this application called irRemote for nokia phones that lets you use your cellphone as a universal remote. Only, Its a paid program and I didn't want to pay. I like to steal.

To install the app on my cellphone for free, I first need to override all permissions on my nokia E60. I want to keep things brief so I won't go into they why's of every step here. but if you have a question, feel free to ask.

So I downloaded a symbian application that's called TRK. If anyone needs the download links, ask me personally. I ran that software on the phone. TRK, when launched, searches available bluetooth devices and finds my macbook pro. But I don't want to connect via bluetooth. So I cancel that, go to settings and change connection to USB. Then leave the port number to 1. The configuration is now done.

Now that TRK is set up, I transfer hellocarbide.sis to my phone and install that. I also need to put a .exe file in the C directory. So I connect the phone to my macbook pro in data transfer mode, and put the file in the E directory. Then I install X-plore so that I can move the file from the memory card to the phone memory. After Hellocarbide.exe is successfully moved, its time to actually override the permissions.

I removed the cable and re-Connected it to my macbook pro, in PC Suite mode. In vmware, I was running windows xp lite. I click the little USB icon and then click connect my phone. I had already installed python 2.5 and PYserial. I open the Hack_Perms file using notepad and edit the place where it says ser = serial.serial( ) and add which in my case is 2. and save it.

On the phone, launch TRK and just select options>connect. Now on my mobile screen I get,

Status: Connected
Port Number: 1
Baud rate: 115200

Oh yeah, I think I also installed activepython. Just to be safe. Then I just double click the .py file, the console/command prompt pops up, its python.exe and it runs some script, and boom! I can now access the system folders on my E60.

Right now, the permissions are temporary. I need to go in and replace some sys files in C:/ to make this permanent so that even after restarting my phone, I can still access the private folders. But, I don't have permission to write in them. So I had to run the thing again. This time, I unplugged really carefully.
Then I had to install the capsON and capsOFF tools with which I can change the permissions on the fly at any time.

Then I installed signsis by leftup. This is what will help me sign unsigned .sis files. Now to transfer the sis files I will need to install irRemote. First I execute irRemote setup. It also installs a DRMcommonsolutions component. But I will install the signed one and replace the version installed earlier, which is actually a higher version. First, it said the file was corrupted, so I deleted it and transferred the file from my computer again. While installing, it said some applications need to be closed and I pressed ok.

Now to open SignSis to sign the 'crack' file. I made the file available on my memory card, then selected it in SignSis. then options>selfsign. It creates a new, signed app in the same location, and the extention is .sisx

I kept my fingers crossed the while I was running the new .sisx file. Everything went smoothly. Now to test irRemote! I opened it, went to licences, and it says unlimited license! yay!
But there's one more step before I can use it to control my digital camera. I have to transfer the D40 device profile to my phone.

And although the D40 profile didn't open, I got the remote to work with the nikon D70 profile, and IR mode set to 6. I was also making a video of this when imovie crashed. So for photoproof, you can keep an eye on my flickr page.


  1. please give me a d70 profile (*.ir file) for version 1.0 irremote

  2. You didn't leave an email address or anything. and I don't know whether it will work in the particular version you have.

  3. Hi, I'm deadly looking for the profile. My email is geohuz@gmail.com. And would you give me the instruction on installing the profile? Thanks