Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I guess I better start packing then

I handed in my portfolio for the appeal today. First I ran to the international center office, left my portfolio there. But at D100, Denisse told me I had to bring it to her. So I went back to the B wing, picked up the portfolio and appeal letter from the international center and dropped it off with Denisse. I talked about whether I needed to be there for the appeal. She said the students don't really go into the meeting, where they are looking at the portfolio, 'your letter represents you'. So its decided, I don't have to stay here.

Today was possibly the last 'Monday Mall lunch' we're gonna have together. Well, technically, mine was the last monday because I didn't eat anything because of the sore on my tongue. But I'm glad I went because now there are no regrets. Jeremy dropped me off at the school again after the mall, and I picked up my assignment. If I tell you what mark I got before I tell the story, it would be very anticlimactic. So flashback to this morning!

The crit went pretty well. I started by talking about the stonehenge and the pyramids, ancient structures that to this day, amaze people. And they are just simple geometric shapes. I then talked about the Jantar Mantar. An equinoctial dial in Delhi. I had been there when I was younger and I only thought it was a giant sundial. I didn't realize that its so complex that it can tell the place of the sun in relation to earth and even other heavenly bodies. It is even believed that the stonehenge was a secular calendar. Then I introduced my project and talked about it. When the teacher asked during the critique, what mark I'd give myself, I said, ".... 'B'?" And others were prompting 'B plus!'. I explained, "This was my most disappointing work." Pointed out all the flaws and the things I couldn't achieve, like the mirrory shiny surface. Kirsten said the scale of the original should be gargantuan. 'That would be really breath taking.

Yeah, I really got involved in that didn't I? I got an A which at around 10 pm got bumped up to an A+ because she saw my photoshopped image in which I had enlarged the size of my structure. I'm really happy. Today was just such a perfect day. It was cold in the early morning but it got warmer. After I got back home, I called up Pranav. He said he was online. So I said I'll turn on my computer and start skype. I was still on the phone with him while I was doing that.. not realizing that it was pretty late in the night in India at the time. Then something happened and he couldn't hear my voice over the phone anymore. He said we'll talk on skype so I hung up. But...he never showed up.

So I went to bed, and slept till about 2 am. Now I'm not sleepy at all. So I started reading Sujata's blog. And after reading a couple posts, I realize, I don't want to go back there. Its hard to explain what I read that she wrote, and what I read between the lines. Its like the place brought upon a curse or something upon the college and everyone therein. Haha.. I'm going overboard now, but humor me, ok? I'm singing "chod aaye hum... woh galiya..." for the lack of any other cheesy song. I'm saying I am through with that place, and I can't go back. I can't go back because a lot has changed. And I don't like change...I'm sure I've said that before too.

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