Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I was dreaming again

I had a really weird night yesterday after I went to bed at I don't know... 4 am? I kind of knew I couldn't go to bed because I had slept for almost 10 hours already. But other times when this happened, I would just stay wide awake. Last night, however, I went into this state of half drowsiness... I was dreaming, but my mind would know that its a dream, and when I tried to snap out of it, and wake up, I couldn't. I was so restless! It was like I was sick or ill.. I would have similar phases during sleep when I have a fever.

There were three things that happened. I only remember two of them now. One was that I was talking to pranav face to face. That was probably because I tried calling Pranav before I went to bed. Also, I was thinking, I'd tell him, "you, mister, have to make up for all the times we didn't communicate." And that would involve spending all day long, with me, going to movies and talking. Its weird.. now that I think back, I can't imagine what we could have probably talked about for so long! hehe... There's also a side of me who thinks this is really bad. I don't want it to happen to me what happened to Sujata.

Moving on, there was the second thing, which I remembered when I was in the kitchen looking in the fridge. I was in Nagpur eating roti made by mamiji. I could almost smell the rotis and feel the warmth. LOL. Though they weren't as perfect as mom makes, they were home made. And I do not mean that mamiji makes bad rotis, she makes good rotis.... maybe there's an explanation.... maybe they have hired some maid to do the cooking and I don't know about it that's why I feel they were made by her... LOL..

Oh, I just remembered how I ended up in nagpur. LOL. I was thinking(maybe a little too much) about my friends, and that I might not fit in with their changed lifestyle and schedule anymore. Maybe they won't even like me... but my cousins would still be my cousins. I would go to nagpur and meet divya, harsh, nikita... and then, I would obviously have to go to mamaji's house..

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  1. how insecured is that!
    nothing's changed between u and me. perhaps, mohini, pranju and isaac too r looking forward to see u! and who needs a long frnd following? a bunch of real ones is enuf!