Monday, April 28, 2008

This is getting SO long!!

If the last post seemed like I had too much to say and not enough time to say it, get ready for more, of that. I met so many people in one day yesterday, did so many things, I could just go over the last 36 hours and live my life happily for a week.... I don't think I made that clear enough.. I can't think of any other way to explain it, but this-

In the movie bluffmaster, when abhishek bacchan is told he's going to die, boman irani, the doctor says to him, "how many good/happy moments or days do you remember from your entire lifetime? lets say 5? In the next 30 days, that you have to live, you can relive your life 6 times!"

That's food for thought for today. What about food for my stomach? I am really hungry. Haven't had breakfast today. I did made breakfast yesterday, for golu bhaiya and me. I made half fried and poached egg. I burnt my finger in the process. LOL. Then Golu bhaiya dropped me off at tina's hostel from where I picked up her activa. All this time, pranav kept calling me, wanting to know where I was. I was just as impatient. I saw the long pune roads and raced the activa to yashwant rao chauhan natya griha. I saw his bike in the parking lot, he was already here.

I went upstairs, and I noticed suju first. I gave a second glance to the figure in white and realized that was pranav.. An unshaven, bespectacled, pranav in jeans and t shirt. Fuck! There was sumit, looking a little plumper than usual. I told him he put on some weight and he said "I thought you were going to say the opposite." wow! I wonder what he was like before 'loosing' weight. Suju's skin was actually as clear as I had seen in some recent photos. I guess the workout and diet is paying off in many more ways.

Pranjali arrived soon after, but even after calling up mohini a whole bunch of times, we only finally met up at city pride. Shruti was there too. I didn't intend to eat anything there, but I ended up doing it anyways because I was really hungry. We took lots of pictures, messed around with the camera, sketched a little... damn I didn't date those.. I must do that now. The plan for the big sleepover kept tumbling around... first it was sumit, then it was not sumit, it was pranjali. This kind of thing is expected to happen when you have a large group, so its not a problem. We decided we'll do it the next night.

After the girls left, I looked around at crosswords, asked for a few books, and we were told we'd find one of them at the JM road crossword. We rode all the way, but we didn't find 'failing forward' there either. Apparently, its out of publishing... sad! I noticed jonathan livingston seagull and bought it for pranav. I used dad's debit card for the first time, it worked fine. I even signed for him. LOL I hope I don't get into trouble for that. Now we were off to Pranav's place.

We spent quite some time there. He showed me his animation, drawings etc. Even though I was really happy for him, I felt miserable inside. I felt like a bum. I should have been in animation school by now, learning what I really want to do. But I failed. I don't think I am working towards my goal hard enough. And pranav has already got a good foothold in the field. He knows his stuff, and even though he says he lost practice, he can quickly relearn it.

I decided to cancel the cad B plan with suju and the rest of the gang, as I was feeling rather weak. We went straight to my place and I finally had 'ghar ka khana' and I felt much better. Abhinav was on his way, and was supposed to call us when he gets here, but both our phones had no coverage in the kitchen. When I realized that, we panicked for a bit, thinking abhinav must be worried. He wasn't here yet tho. So we went upstairs. He called pranav a few minutes later, and I went to pick him up.

The sleepover had officially begun. We tried getting stupid windows xp in vmware fusion to run the emulator, but nothing. Even if we had found a mac emulator for dreamcast, the game controllers weren't being recognized on the mac, apparently. So we decided to start watching paprika. Half way through the movie, we decided to go get some food. I felt like shiv sagar, but it was really crowded, so we went to smokin joes instead. A nice pizza, mountain dew, and company of my friends; AWESOME!

We came back, finished paprika, then I showed them some artwork from my classmates in visual and creative arts. Pranav was blown away for sure. Then we watched 'The man who planted trees' and both of them absolutely loved it. It was the first time I watched the entire thing on my laptop, and even I was blown away. Just that I found it hard to believe that forests would actually grow in a barren land. You gotta consider all the elements in the surroundings. I was watching planet earth a few days ago, and they explain the occurrence of forests and deserts and mountains with the natural phenomenons such as weather, erosion, chemical reaction, tectonic movements... So only if there is a water body nearby from which water vapor rises, proper terrain to guide the rain winds that way, if only there is the right temperature to make the rains fall, will the terrain actually flourish. So, as I thought, the story, is not true.

We didn't feel like starting another movie that late, so we just talked for a bit and abhinav decided he'll try and get some sleep, while me and pranav went up to the terrace to try and photograph the night sky. There, we talked for the time the camera was taking the long exposure and doing the noise reduction. Pranav knows so much about animation, I feel I should be the one asking him questions instead of me telling him stuff he probably already knows. I might be insulting his intelligence or knowledge. He said he was seriously considering coming to canada, and I feel he absolutely deserves it. I've told him this before, 'you really underrate yourself.'

When we came back down, abhinav woke up because of our noise, maybe also the mosquitoes. So we were just killing mosquitoes for a bit, then we got tired of this, and I started drawing. Pranav looked at my stuff, and he gave me whole bunch of helpful tips and hints. He asked me to draw particular things so that he could see what my visualization was like, etc. Then he told me about other artists, and that I should be observing this and trying to do what they do. I wished I had my life drawings here to show him. He could tell me a whole bunch of different things about those too! This is what I have been missing for so long.  I would love to get together with him and learn some tricks of the trade.


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