Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sometimes, even the greatest need help.

This morning, Lalu was feeling really hungry, so he decided to make scrambled eggs for himself. The packet of bread wasn't closed off properly, so some of the slices got a little dry. He swallowed the breakfast with lots of water. His hunger seemed satisfied, and he was ready to go on his way.

Upon reaching deccan, he longed for a bite of the delicious dabeli from the corner 'thela'(stall on the roadside). But his stomach wasn't feeling very good. It felt like it was gonna make him throw up anytime now. So he decided to go take care of the business he was actually here for. Getting the information he needed didn't take too long. And when the craving still didn't go away, he decided to go for the dabeli. It was dabelicious.

His stomach wasn't getting any better. He wondered if it was the heat. At CCD he had a cafe frappe while discussing his plans with his friend. Lalu was really uneasy, but tried to keep his composure. He asked for some water, hoping it would help stop his sickness..."Does my face look all green?"

They left CCD, they had some work to do. On the way, they stopped at a restaurant to get some refreshments. Lalu didn't want to take any risks so he didn't have anything. However, he was thirsty just a short while later. But they were almost done, and he could head home now. Cool, comfortable, home.

After he was feeling less likely to barf, he had an apple to quench his hunger. But it was not a substitute for proper meals. And he got extremely hungry around 8 pm. Just then, dad and uncle came home, ready to take Lalu with them for dinner. When he explained his situation to his uncle, he gave him half a 'perinom' a med that's supposed to counteract nausea. And an antacid for good precautionary measures.

Lalu did take pride in the fact that he had been here for a week, and hadn't gotten seriously sick. So turning to allopathy was not something he would be happy about. But once the meds did their miracle, He was able to eat a hearty dinner. And all happy and proud, he returned home, feeling triumphant. He had finally conquered food; or his stomach, whichever you prefer.

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