Monday, April 07, 2008

Move along people, nothing to see here.

hello myke,

Thanks so much for your letter. It really made my day. you know its hard, but knowing that people care about me, makes me not want to kill myself anymore...I'm justjoking. -see? I'm in a much better mood already.

That is what I was going to start my reply to myke with. But I didn't want him to get the wrong idea. If he doesn't share the same sense of humor, he'll think I was being a smartass and not taking his sincere letter seriously. But I was really impressed by his letter.

When I found out that my portfolio didn't make the cut off, I was devastated. I felt everyone's gonna look at me like I'm a big failure. But that was just me. After some motivational reading from 'Failing forward', I felt much better. Last wednesday I met myke at the info session, and I told him I didn't make it. I didn't feel anything. After a day of sulking because my parents(mom) didn't take it too well, I was again, back to normal. But, I didn't contact gerard or myke about it. I felt I was on my own and I had to clean up my own mess. Aniruddh bhaiya told me to contact anuj and so I did.

Then out of the blue, I got gerard's email last night. He said he found out from myke that I didn't get in, he was really sorry, and offered to help if I needed him. I was really surprised. In a happy way. Someone's reaching out to me. Someone who's not a friend, or family, but only a professional acquaintance. (I am not sure that sounds right when talking about a teacher...) Today, I got a really heart warming email from myke. He said he enjoyed working with me, and liked my character designs and the energy I put into work and class. *shattering noise* (people who've seen that episode of how I met your mother will know what it means) I had a prejudice that everyone will now see me as a looser, failure, all those bad things. But I guess that was just me. Myke said sheridan is missing out on a high quality student.

And, it wasn't just him. even Kirsten in 3D class today asked me whether I got in, and when I said no, she said "you're such a hard working student, I would have said you're definitely getting in. But again, what would I know" Now, by the last sentence, she was only trying to be politically right, as in, she's not the authority on who gets into animation. But The first part she said really means a lot to me. I talked to her more after a while, and she was being really supportive, saying that there's probably some other nice thing right around the corner. She told me about the time portfolio review people at OCAD snickered at her and told her you're not getting into alberta college with this. And she did get into alberta college.

I wonder why my parents have never told me anything like that. Did they never have to come across such a thing in their life?

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