Sunday, April 13, 2008

Just when I was about to pack my bags

I was thinking I should start putting my books away in the suitcase. I was also on British airways website today, trying to figure out the excess baggage allowance. Then I called up their 1-800 number to ask about carrying canvases. Well, unfortunately, they don't have any provisions for carrying canvases. They will allow bikes and other sporting goods for free, but not one canvas. Sucks! I'm gonna have to think what I'll do about my self portrait now.

But, then aniruddh bhaiya came online, and he tells me, how about staying back for another month and see how your appeal goes.
He said, "the break is 4 months long, stay back for ONE month."
I told him "I already have a non refundable ticket and I haven't payed the landlord to live past 20th. And my parents say I'll be living in India now.. so its not a 4 month break!"
"do u wanna live there and study there?"
"Yes, I want to study here."
"then nothing else matters"
"mom is already telling me to bring back all my stuff, sell the stuff i can't bring back, close my bank account..."
"WHAT? WHY? Did she give an explanation?"

...They don't need more explanation than 'I did not get into animation' so there's no point talking about that part of the conversation. However, he said I could stay at anuj's place for a month, or he could find places to put me up for a month..

So, moral of the story, I did not get to packing... but its not certain that I'm staying either.

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