Monday, February 18, 2008

Kinkos bad. Digital camera good.

I told my dad that it would have been so much better if I had a digital camera to take pictures of my drawings... Because scanning these large format 18x24 drawings isn't easy. There aren't a lot of places that have the right kind of hardware for this task. And even when you find a place that has the equipment, it doesn't always work right. Then there's dealing with arrogant people and shelling out a bucketload of money. And I am about to tell you guys about my sad experience at Kinkos this morning. 

First, The place is in missisauga, a pretty long drive away from home. But it took me a good 2 hours to get there, because vironica had some other tasks on her to-do list. As we got there, I was in for a shock, because the prices were way, WAY higher than the 50 cents per sheet that people at the workshop had mentioned. Even then, I said, might as well do it since I came all the way. Thinking that the cost for color scanning would be even more, I just went for the black and white one. But before scanning could begin, I had to sign a waiver, saying that if anything happens to my drawings in the scanner, it's not their responsibility. I was REALLY scared for a moment there. But as they assured me that the likeliness of that happening was very low, I relaxed and signed the thing.

I proceeded to scan all the 'picked' drawings. I didn't do the other extra ones, because the total was already going to be around 50 dollars. at 5.99 for first one, and 1.99 for each one after that! But when I went to check all my scans, a lot of them were totally washed out. The brightness/exposure of the scanner was too much! Plus, they were being saved in pdf format instead of an image format like jpeg or tiff. On the plus side, the file size was considerably smaller. After going through all the 19 scans, I found only 9 of them to be usable. I figured I might as well scan some other drawings while I'm here. So I scanned some of the rejects... the ones that Gerard asked me to trash. And I actually trashed two of the life drawings right there because I saw that the leg in one was giant and the other one had some weird stuff going on with the hands. 

But this time, the scans didn't go through to their computer! WTF! I just wasted so much time feeding each document to the scanner while my heart was pounding against my ribs scared that the scanner will eat my drawings. I asked her to take a look at it and she said she will have to turn off the computer and turn it back on again. I waited for the whole process to complete on their ancient computer. And waited... and waited... and waited. Finally, she asked me to try one document and see if it was working. Hurray! The document showed up in their computer! So I rescanned the rejects, and as she transferred the last document into my usb key, I heaved a sigh of relief that its FINALLY DONE!

I didn't like it in there one bit! The girl who was helping me out wasn't really a people person. Even though she was trying to be nice, she wasn't trying hard enough. At one point, she said 'try to sketch harder next time.' And I just snickered pretending she was trying to be funny. She was so disrespectful! One of my scans showed the other side of the page which happened to be one of my warm up pages. And she says "that's one of those scribbly pages" WTF?!!! Then while I was paying, she asked to see my SPC card, and as I was trying to find it, she reached into my wallet and pulled out a card. I was so furious! I was gonna yell out, "Get outta my wallet you do that fugly bitch!" 

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  1. LOL LOL !! ahem .. try to sketch darker yash bhaiyya !! lol :p