Tuesday, February 12, 2008

iphoto nuiances

I was not very sure how to start this blog entry So I'm just gonna link you guys to this post where I discussed the problem with leopard and jpegs managed with lightroom. Yesterday, I was so happy that I could finally use iphoto now, because in the 10.5.2 update of leopard, Apple finally fixed the aforementioned problem.

So I started to import all my photos into iphoto, but I had set the preferences to keep the files in their original location. This way, My internal hard drive will not be filled up with stuff, and I would get better speeds when doing other stuff while using iphoto. But just a few minutes ago, I noticed that the iphoto library in pictures folder was using up 362 MB! This was not acceptable, and I decided to go digging.

I opened the container, by right clicking on the library and selecting 'show package contents'. I sorted by file size, and in view options, checked 'calculate all sizes'. And I was pointed in the right direction. There's a folder called modified that is occupying 174 MB. It contains many random pictures from the albums. I say random because I haven't even touched a lot of the photos (In iPhoto that is). I wonder why its doing that. If someone has any idea, please let me know.

The next folder using up a lot of space is the data folder. I guess this is a necessary evil. It has all the pictures, in small thumbnail sizes. Maybe this is what facilitates the quick skimming in the events view. So I guess I will have to live with this folder occupying upwards of 110 mB.

I also saw the new version of aperture, and I have to say, with all the guided tours and video tutorials on the apple website, they sure do make their applications look cool. Its not that I want to stop using lightroom now, I just wish there were some of those great features in Lightroom. Like the incredible integration with the other leopard applications. So go check out Aperture 2 Guided tours.

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