Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Its a bad week or something really!

I don't know what curse has descended upon me or is it the house itself, but I've totally managed to wreak havoc all over! I wonder what my landlord thinks of me...I must be like Dennis the menace for him. A constant pin in the ass. But he`s too good to let me know about it and that makes me feel even more guilty. I wish I could make it upto him somehow.

The other night I was very tired and wanted to just go to bed as soon as possible. Thats why I didn't give it a second thought when the cord that I pulled to turn off the light didn't snap back up like it always did. The next morning when I pulled it, it won't budge. And the light won't get turned on either! Oh GOD! why? I was so damn nervous but I had to run off to college, it was a wednesday so class started at 12 but today we were supposed to be there earlier for something. When I finally finished my college and got back home, I was very tired to care so I just went straight to bed again. Mr. Kelly was downstairs playing poker with friends. He probably didn't notice I was gone.

Then again I woke up this morning to see the phone in the kitchen saying extension in use. That was odd since I didn't hear anybody talking in the house and He usually never gets up so early. There was something wrong for sure HE confirmed after checking all the phones in the house. He later declared it was the router. I didn't realize all his phones were voip until now. This was an even bigger disaster because it not only affected me, but the whole house and communications! No contact with the outside world whatsoever! Damn! and I was responsible again(But like he said, there is a slight chance that its their fault because when he called them up, he was told that many similar complaints were coming in.) Well, whatever is wrong, I wish its fixed up real fast and the defaulter be punished. And I have definitely learnt my lesson and I will not be careless with the stuff around the house because its no mine!

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