Monday, January 29, 2007

boring but productive weekend

I admit I did spend a lot more time on the pc this week than before but that's just because I didn't have any calling card and I wanted to communicate with that asshole pranav. So I asked him to come online by sending sms using one of the free sms services on the web and I even asked abhinav to text him! I would just wait there hoping he'd come online this time but he didnt show up. Not once! Then I would end up getting involved with something else or chatting with somebody else.

But I still worked on my bug to the point that it only needs two more legs(according to the image I have.) I also did two drawings of the run lola assignment and then drew the cartoon characters in the portfolio requirements sheet. Man I'm not gonna finish even the required portfolio pieces! Then sat cleaning my "drawings" the best of which is due to be submitted this week. They are then gonna be graded and I am hoping for atleast a B this time.
The first grade we found out(because our first assignment to be graded was the "monumental" drawing I did in wednesday's class) was a C+ in thursday's painting class. Not enough man, Not enough! Well, keeping that in mind I could be doing more practice sketches right now instead of blogging but I just don't feel like it.
sent frm my E60 because I didn't want the landlord to see me using his computer again. After I get my own laptop, I can do my business at any time discreetly! Maybe I'll stop or atleast cut down mobile blogging.

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