Friday, January 12, 2007

first painting class

Our timetable has been scheduled and re scheduled over and over twice in the past 3days. First the 3d class was moved to friday and then the painting class was moved ahead and substituted with the life drawing class. But thats not bothering me as much as two other things-my finances and my friends. I dont feel like eating outside when I read the prices! Why in a developed country where everything is so abundant, is the food so overpriced? Even someone like me has to look for financial support in order to be able to have two decent meals at the restaurants inside or outside the school. So I went looking for a job. I had read a hiring now sign at Mr. Subs yesterday so I went there right away, after completing my class.

It was a little awkward at first going up and asking for a job, but I overcome the initial hesitation and pop the guestion to the attendant. She was quick to reply we needed someone to work from 3to closing time on mondays tuesdays and thursdays. DRATS! Why monday? I could have gotten the job and hopefully atleast 15dollars an hour if it hadn't been for the monday's class that started at dot 3pm! I asked if they had some other time vacant but she said thats all they needed. So i'd have to apply elsewhere and see if luck favours me next time.

Untill then, I have all the time I want for my drawing and computing,internet,downloading,chatting emailing and stuff. But what use is that time while my mind is wandering somewhere else...
See what I mean? I've totally drifted away from the main topic of my post already. I wanted to tell ya about the painting class this morning. So lets begin already.

we were provided with acrylic colours in our kit so I had anticipated a different approach but still I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw. The basics were explained pretty well. We first went over our equipment/materials and the use speciality was very well explained. I found out why my metal painting knives wont be useful with acrylic paint. We started with a grey scale again. I didnt bring my colours but she was ready to let me use her stuff. Thats one thing I'd never seen before in any of my classes. Because all the stuff is just so expensive and not everybody can afford them. So thats all I suppose..

Guess its pretty overdue for publishing so i'm just gonna send it.
sent frm my E60

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