Thursday, January 25, 2007

my favourite chip flavours

I have been a chip lover since as long as I can remember. That passion really took flight during my creative i college days when I'd buy a pack every day and share with my pals. Though other's preferences did have an impact on what flavour I bought, I liked both the american style cream and onion and the spanish tomato tango. Those were my favourites and I naturally assumed that I'd get those flavors over in canada too. But it isn't so. None of the indian flavors are available here. Infact, even the thickness, texture of lays here is different.

The first pack of chips I had was from a vending machine in college, bacon flavour. Really 'bacon'y and salty. I had tasted bacon before and I thought the chips were just ok. Then when we went to the supermarket, I was on the lookout for my favourite flavors but when I didnt spot them, I decided to go in for pringles chips. They were cheaper here than they were in India and was really sure they'd be the same. And I was right! Well, actually I cant be very sure because I had never had barbecue or ketchup flavour pringles in India.

I would have those chips in the living room while watching television.. And thus even Mr. Kelly found out what a chip fanatic I was. The bbq flavour is something I just cant describe. Not really very appealing actually, its just very new for me. The ketchup flavour is well, ketchupy heh.. Lemme tell you Its not like the tomato tango if you're thinking, even I had thought so at first. Its just a little sweet and sour.

Then this week, I picked up big bags of lays chips spicy curry and dill pickle. I was wondering how the curry flavour would be like.. Hoped it'd be like indian masala but it was something totally different. The chips were thin! Not like the thicker lined ones in India. Still, eatable, but not very savory to say the least.

I knew I'd like dill pickle because I like the flavour of the pickle here. For the ignorant, pickle here is just a cucumber(most commonly) in vinegar and salt, garlic lemon etc. There are also other pickled vegetables available though but lets not divert from our topic. So the chips taste very much like pickles and those are my favourite for the time being.

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