Thursday, January 11, 2007


This class taken by "Brenda" is our life drawing class. And I know this is going to go really fast. And I'm gonna have to give this class my 100percent for sure. Well, not like I'm not giving others my full effort, just that this one's even MORE important. Its the first classThis week we in whichare given a home work. Two homework assignments actually. First we have to make a self portrait design for a card in the deck. We could pick any one from the diamonds and clubs. I picked the ace of clubs. I talked to many others and they said they gave up the ace because they didnt want to grab attention towards themselves. And, the ace design has to be really really good too. Well, I'm up to the challenge and I already have a picture in my head of what my card is going to look like.

The other assignment is just as unique too. I've never done anything like it before! We have to do a "blind contour drawing. Yeah I figured you didnt understand it. What this basically is, is drawing a portrait or a figure by not looking at your drawing paper. And you cant even pick up your pencil or conte or whatever you're using from the paper: it has to be one continuous line drawing. Pretty tough huh? But its a accepted fact that its not going to end up looking beautiful or nearly resemble the person you're drawing. This is just to get your hand eye co-ordination better. But I actually have one problem with doing this assignment. I dont have a big enough drawing board in the house for supporting the page that we're supposed to use here. Well, anyways, I'll have to manage somehow.

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