Friday, January 05, 2007

stupid english essay

My diwali holidays started with a sinking feeling about the inevitability of me failing to complete my assignments. The holidays are a chance, the ONE CHANCE yes have to forget our worries and college chores and rejoice day after day like there are no worries in the world. But even that dream was shot dead when the teachers announced the damned list.

My journey to my home town was not only accompanied by my heavy luggage inclusive of all my art material,stationery, but also a heavy mind filled with worries of how I'll manage to complete all that. But all those vanished, vaporized in the scorching heat of my hometown air. Sweet sunshine. Sweet home of mine. I relaxed..rather, lied around the house lazily almost all the time.

But it wasn't all futile fruitless fumbling around the house/channel surfing/browsing the web. I got immense pleasure, had loads of fun going out and meeting friends and relatives. Drinking,(strictly no alcohol if that's what you were thinking) Eating out,partying or just chatting away.

The best night was of sanika's birthday party. My proposal of painting tattos on children..actually any guest was much appreciated and encouraged. It was eventually a big success. So much that I got to eat only after all the kid guests left. Kids can be very demanding at times but it was my serendipity that I got through the night alive. And the praises that I got will never be forgotten.

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