Friday, January 12, 2007


Today was our 2d and the re-scheduled 3d class. The 2d class was not at all like the stupid 2d class we did back in creative I college. This class by john parker had a lot to do with illustration and related techniques and design ideas. Pretty interesting also because he was very professional about it. We had to first do thumbnails of our concepts and then get his approval and do the final work on a illustration board that also had to be a very presentable manner. He showed us many works of students from the previous intake to give us an idea of what we would be doing. He then immediately gave us our first assignment. Thats due by 2nd feb.

After the class, me and freddy went first to get his photo id and then to the student union to pick up our student handbooks. Downstairs was the pizza place he had told me abt a few days ago and I was so tempted to get a slice after seeing them. So I finally got a slice for 3dollars thats about 120rupees! It was a delicious peperoni mushroom and green pepper pizza! So awesome that I'd go there over and over again if only I could kill my conscience. Then we went to the cage and freddy got a beer and we both sat down with these two other guys from our class peter and... I dont know the name.. After the beer he asked us if we'd like to go out for a smoke and freddy said yes. So we were out in the cold, I was wearing freddy's jacket as mine was in the locker. After that, we came back inside and he had another beer while I sat there worryin "I dont wanna be late for the class"

I was in the class on time allright and also stood up on the stool and shouted (boy did that take some guts on my part) "Does anybody have a digicam?" and found out that emelie had brought hers to the class today itself! So I took maybe just one picture in the class before I had to give it back to her for some reason I dont remember. She took my email and said she'd mail them to me. I think I'm gettin good with the girls.. (For more reasons than whats mentioned above actually)

In this class we had to make a sculpture with reed using expressive lines. Was a very exciting project and it was fun watching what others came up with. Some were pretty darn good. I dont know what others thought of my snail, but I know I didnt put in enough effort into seemed finished too soon and I didnt want to do anything else. Before leaving class, I did get emelie to take a picture of it so maybe I'll get to show you people. Still, I've brought the thing home with me, lets see how long I get to keep it.
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