Wednesday, January 10, 2007

day after the flight

I want to start blogging already but I dont have a local sim yet(I wonder how much the networks charge for data calls here) and can only rely on wireless networks to publish from my cellphone. There's wireless internet access in the hotel I'm staying at but its username and password protected. I found out about complimentary internet access in the business centre of the hotel and got down there. But I didnt know how long I would take and since my cellphone was dead, only place to reach me was the phone in my room. So I just quickly replied to 2emails and composed a new one to anju mausi and left.

After I had a bath, I came downstairs to get myself a calling card. I needed to contact few people. Talking to dad was a waste, and embarrassing. He said he couldn't hear me and I had to yell out loud while I was standing out in the lobby. Then I called up Pranav. He sounded unexpectedly happy. Even said he was out celebrating. He's definately relieved to get rid of me.

I'll still haven't managed to get my cellphone charged completely so i'm sitting here by the outlet typing it all out
sent frm my E60

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