Monday, January 15, 2007

What I should have bought on the 1st day itself

The day abhinav bhaiya took me for shopping, I hadn't experienced canada and I didnt know what I'd really need. Also because being new to him, I wasn't as free about voicing my questions as I would have been with someone close. So when we went shopping, I stupidly picked up a pair of leather gloves! Thats the first wrong decision! What I really needed were mittens for wearing over my existing pair of gloves. But I was a little intimidated by the cost and also by the feeling that it'd be considerede stupid by others. And when I talked to Mr. Kelly, I found out that even the $100 mittens he had bought for sking weren't very effective in keeping the hands warm. Over the week, what I've found is that when I'm wearing those gloves and keep my hands outside the jacket, the gloves get really cold and then even my fingers get freezing cold. So the gloves do nothing to keep them warm. But when I've put my hands in my pocket, they're comfortably warm. And even if I removed them for some task, I'd put them back in my jacket pocket and they get warm in a few mins.

Next, I really should have bought new sneakers. And sneakers that DONT HAVE NET OR CLOTH in them. Any impermeable material will do be it plastic polymer or leather or any new shit. Just that its stitching or gluing should not let up like my current shoes did. Once the front part starts coming off, it creates a big gap for snow and water to get in from. And that would make your socks wet really fast. I was told reebok and nike sneakers start from around 35 dollars and can go upto well, anything. but I'd look in the range of say 60-70 dollars. I realized this when I had to go to the college after a snowfall. My toes had gotten totally numb in the walk to sheridan. Well, no use whining over it now, just got to find time to go to some good mall soon.

Next on the list is "wind pants"! I had never seen or heard that such a thing ever existed, but I did wonder many times what one does to prevent cold winds hitting ur legs and u feeling chilly down there. So, yesterday when I had walked out to 'enjoy' the snowfall, my jeans got a little wet. I told this to Mr. Kelly and he handed me his old wind pants. He`s a great guy. so the next time when I was getting ready to walk out, I took them off the hook and checked it out. Its kind of like a raincoat pant from the outside, but on the inside, it has another lining to it so that it keeps feet snug and warm. That is one thing no one had told me about before. I wish they had.

so if you read my blog carefully before you come out here, you know what u can get. and like Abhinav bhaiya told me, its all a one time investment. dont hesitate to get the best ones u can afford.
sent frm my E60

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