Monday, January 22, 2007

I learn something new everyday

This new piece of info wasn't delivered in any class..but I was in the college when I found out about it. In the college cafeteria to be precise. I was eating my burger and simultaneously using my phone to visit wikipedia at that time.

I had been listening to these adverts of Harvey`s Angus burger on the radio. It said its back but for a limited time only. I had also known my college had a Harvey`s outlet in the cafeteria. Infact, just the other day I had even noticed a big banner in the cafeteria of the Angus burger! So today when I was feeling really hungry, I thought this is the time to try it out. The queue was really long and I had to wait there with the newsprint pad in my hand for a lot of time before I could actually place my order. then for the payment they said they don't take credit cards so I had to give them my TD bank card. well, after that, I had to wait still longer as they were busy serving the 3 people before me. But finally my turn came and I was asked what I wanted on my burger. Now that`s a difficult decision to make.. I can never pick what I want and what I don't want on my burger so I went with everything(but there was still no onion on my burger).

When I finally sat down and unwrapped my burger and took a bite out of it, I was really impressed by the taste of the beef in it. That point my curiosity reached its high point. I just had to find out what "angus" meant. I took out my phone and searched angus on I was returned a link of wikipedia in the results and I went there. Thats when I found the complete history on Angus breed of cattle(they originated from Scotland) and the associations. This is specially bred for being "beef"ed so they are not your usual holy cow kind that ya`ll worship and stuff, so its fine to eat them... OK!OK! I was just kidding. now stop looking at me like that! If you don't want to eat cows because they`re holy, go ahead, but frankly, I don't care! Now Angus breed is divided into two Black and red. The red kind has a recessive gene and in some places is treated differently. Also found out that Macdonald's and Burger king both have angus beef burgers. Wow! I could never have imagined a breed of cattle for making beef was so popular/hyped. Amazing huh? Maybe next time I`m in the cafeteria or at any other burger place, I`ll confidently order a Angus burger knowing that this beef is going to taste better!

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